Wednesday, May 19, 2010

That's Pretty Sad #1: Justin Bieber

Hey yo and welcome to the first edition of That's Pretty Sad. This is a feature I will bring to you when there is something in the world that does to be noted as being pretty sad. On this first edition of That's Pretty Sad, I will talk a bit about Justin Bieber. I know, you are thinking: "Ugh, why Justin Bieber? Isn't he talked about enough?" Yes, but you need to read why I am talking about him.

Justin Bieber has finally turned 16. Depending how you look at it, he is not "jail bait" anymore. So when I was on my way home today after picking up my niece and nephew from school, they said on radio that Justin Bieber has a small tattoo on his stomach.

This got me thinking and then it snowballed into this new feature. So anyways, the DJ said that Bieber had to get his dad's permission to get a tattoo because he was underage and all that. So the part that got me thinking is the fact that he can make millions of dollars and drive, but still has to get his parents permission to get a tattoo. Now that's pretty sad.

Thanks for reading and see you on the flipside!

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