Thursday, May 26, 2005

Premanent Venue Admin And Much More

Venue Admin

Recently Wade Needham owner/webmaster of and The Venue (message boards) made an admin for a week. I was a smod before that. But now Wade has made me a permanent admin. I will do my best in serving the members of The Venue. You will not be sorry Wade.

World Hall of Fame of Wrestling

The World Hall of Fame of Wrestling is needing your help. I am needing some people to be on the board. There are many items that you will do when being on the board. You will make suggestions on who should be in the Hall of Fame. Also you will help decide on who gets to be in the Hall of Fame plus many other tasks. So please email, pm me on MSN, Yahoo, or AIM, or you can check out my site.

World Hall of Fame Of Wrestling:
Email: mailto:
AIM and Yahoo: fishhead2100
MSN: Same as email

Cousin's Grad Party

My cousin is having his grad party this Saturday. He is graduating from the high school in Aberdeen, Saskatchewan, Canada. Aberdeen is on it's way to Sasktoon on highway 41. I will be going of course. I am sure it will be a good time.

Visiting Friends From The UK

Some friends from the UK are here in Canada on a vacation. I haven't seen them in nearly four years. I can't believe it has been that long. I got to know Nigel because he was the youth pastor at the church I go to. I also got to know his wife Kate and their daughter Ellie. But since they have been in living in England they had another daughter. I don't remember her name. I do remember it is a cool name. They are in Canada for two weeks. Which is cool. Hopefull I will be able to spend some more time with them.

Updating Vid's And Audio From Various Sites Thread

One The Venue I made a thread containing video's and audio from various sites. I have a new site I am posting under. It is and they have some cool vid's to check out. Thanks to Joshua H for telling about a few vid's on this site.

I am always updating with more vid's and audio. I have another new section with that I discovered through another site. So please check the thread. Remember you must reply to get access.

Vid's and Audio From Various Sites