Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Evils Of Money

I know that we shouldn't worry about money and material possesions. But it is not so much the material possesions that I am worried about. It is the aspect of money that I am worried about. I have thinking over and over about this over the last few days that I feel sick to my stomach. Here is the deal. I am working at job that pay $12 an hour. Now don't get me wrong, I have never made over $10 an hour before this job. But in this day in age, it is not nearly enough to cover my bills.

I have a number of bills like my plates, my rent, my student loan payment, and gas. Now I know what you are thinking. If I make $12 per hour, shouldn't have something left over? You would think so wouldn't you. But NO! Gas alone eats up a portion of my paycheck with a minimum of $50-$60 to fill my tank, that eats your paycheck fairly quick. Don't even get me started on rent and other my other bills.

I just hate what money has done to me. Living with my sister last year before getting my own place, I lived a bit more comfortably. Now that is not possible. I need a change and I need another job that is better paying and better for my morale. This job is bringing me down.

Money, why have you made me this way? Sigh!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Different Cultures

After going to FolkFest I got to thinking. I got to thinking about how these people are keeping the traditions and the practices from their cultures alive in another country. Sure I am proud of my roots and where they come from. But I don't do things that my ancestors did and where they came from. I am proud that I am Scottish, German, French, English, and Romanian. Yet, as I said, I don't do the practices of those places.

It shows they don't want to lose their identity in another country. I can respect that. But at the same time they can't just come over to Canada and expect to not adapt to our ways. We can't be ignorant to their culture either. Just because you don't know about another culture doesn't mean what you think you know is right either. Just because a someone is from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, some place over in that area of the world doesn't mean they are a terrorist.

In short, we should never lose our identity based on where we live.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saskatoon FolkFest 2008

On Friday and Saturday I went to FolkFest. There were some good pavillions, but than there were some that weren't as good. The ones I went to anyways.

So Friday my sister came down from Prince Albert for the weekend and we went to a few pavillions. First we went to the pavillions at the Exhibition. We went to the Ukrainian pavillion first and looked around. It was pretty good. But the Phillippian pavillion was really good as they shown their style of martial arts. Some parts of it were self-defense based which was cool. Than there was a little bit of their dance. We made our way to the Afro-Carribean pavillion. It was cool, the limbo guy was pretty good. He did pretty good going that low. Part of the bar was put on fire for the two lowest rungs (for a lack of a better word). There was a hand drum, but it was $60.00. I didn't want to spend that much. We than went to the Scottish pavillion and there was a baby kilt. My sister said she would go the next day to buy it. The place at the Exhibition we went to is the Greek pavillion. That one was not as good as it could have been. The hall it was in was too big for the amount of stuff in it. We stopped by the Asia-Pacific pavillion. There was a mah jong demonstration which was cool. They demonstrated a Japanses tea ceremony. I tried out their yo-yo's which was pretty cool. The last pavillion I went to with my sister was at the Legion. It was a tribute to the veterans since there is no Canada Remembers Air Show this year. It wasn't related t any specific culture. I went to the Irish pavillion by myself. It was alright I guess. I got a hat with clovers on it. I gave it to my nephew.

On Saturday I went to a few other pavillions. The first one I went to was the Norweigan pavillion. My sister wanted a viking hat so I bought her one. I went back to the Exhibition and went to the Scottish pavillion and bought a red baby kilt for my niece. Than I went back to the Phillippian pavillion and the dance routine they did was very good. I than ventured to the German pavillion a little ways out of town. The food was sooo good. Pork on a bun, schnitzel, and bratwurst. They didn't have a hat in my size. I also saw a girl I went to college with there. I went to the Hispanic pavillion. It wasn't that great either. There was no entertainment when I got there. So I looked around than left. I stumbled upon the Jewish pavillion by accident, but it wasn't open until later. So I than left and went to the Brazillian pavillion. It was decent, dancing was mostly Latino except for one. I saw a guy who I used to work with tell me that. I asked that if it is Latino than why not have it at the Hispanic pavillion? The last pavillion I went to was the India pavillion. There dance was routine they did was very good. The mango shake wasn't bad either. In fact it was pretty good.

My first time at FolkFest. There were a few pavillions I didn't go to like the Indian/Metis (there was no parking), Jewish, and Peruvian ones. There are a few pavillions they should have like Italian, Russian, French. I am sure you can find those people.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Turning 90...

On Monday my Grandpa Cantin turned 90. That is an achievement for anyone to live that long. Sure his health isn't as great as it could be. But for 90, he is doing well. It is good I got to see him because who knows when the next I will see him is? He doesn't do much as it is hard for him. Living where my Grandparents are, it is good for them as they don't have to worry about taking care of a house. But there were some good memories in that house.

Throughout the day, my Grandpa was getting cards, phone calls, and visits from people wishing him a happy birthday. Sure there wasn't a celebration and in some ways it is good thing. He really didn't need a big celebration. He has many people who love him and that is better than any celebration in many ways. Who knows, maybe he will be around for a few more years yet.

Happy belated birthday Grandpa!

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Wedding - Ceremony, Reception, Gift Opening

Friday was my cousin's Jeffery's wedding. I had to be at the church at 12:30 for pictures. The wedding was held at St. David's Anglican Church in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Plus we had to blow up balloons which I will get to in a moment. It was very simple. The church wasn't decorated too much. Just some flowers in the sanctuary and lobby. My dad and I were made last minute ushers. All we had to do is hand out the programs (for lack of a better word). It wasn't a long wedding ceremony. It was a good thing as it was crazy hot inside the church and outside. There was not many people from Tania's (the bride) family. Actually, that is not her real name. That is her English name. Her real name is Yee Chee Kim. She is originally from Malaysia. I will admit she was a very beautiful bride. My cousin was stylin' and profilin'. Now my cousin had a lot of family there. I have had some good times growing up with my cousin. Where does the time go? But anyways, after the ceremony they released all the balloons that was blown up. I don't know the significance of that. If anyways knows please leave a comment and tell me.

After the ceremony before the reception a bunch of us went to my Auntie Janet's for a drink and eat some food. My family is notorious for putting out a spread of food. It is crazy. Not to mention my Auntie Merle (mother of the groom), baked a ton of stuff. 15 kinds of dainties alone.

After that I then went to the reception which was at the Travelodge. We first started out with drinks and than the program. The MC was Marty Houle. Marty Houle was cousin's old boss when he worked at Houle Furniture & Appliances. Tania had to get out of her dress into an Asian type dress (I can't remember the name). There was one part of the program that was for the bride. There was an Asian tea ceremony. It was explained the significance of doing it and what everything behind it meant. Don't ask me to tell you as I don't remember. The food was very good. They had trivia questions about the bride and groom. Whoever got the question right got to get their food. The music was done by Mystic Music Services. It was a great time. Oh and I should mention I got the garter. My cousin Jamilynn (sister of the groom) was called up and sang Mmmmm Bop by Hanson. Even after all these years she is still a Hanson fan. There was a midnight lunch and cakes most of which were made by my Auntie Merle.

The next day was the gift opening at my Auntie Merle and Uncle Harvey's (mother and father of the groom). Again there was more food. I guess you can see a trend. My family is known for food. Jeff and Tania received a lot of practical stuff. They got household items such as plates, cups, mugs, appliances, and other stuff like that. One thing that was on my cousin list on the registry at Wal-Mart was gum and candy (Reisen was one of them). He actually got it which was the funny part.

All in all it was great time this weekend. It sure makes you wonder where the time goes. Plus everybody I know is getting married. I wonder if it is expected of me to get married... first I have to find someone. Any takers? Ha, ha, ha!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Fringe Festival

So I went to the Fringe on Saturday. I gave my niece two choices and that was to either go to the Fringe or go to the movies. She picked the Fringe. I was wanting to go to the Fringe. It was good. The acts I saw were pretty funny. Thing I don't get is how they can make a living doing what they do. I guess I will never understand.

My niece volunteered in one of the acts. It was a magician. All she had to was stand there and answer questions while the magician did his act. It was actually quite funny. The magician ask what kind of balloon animal she wanted and she said an elephant. But it ended up being a dog because it was the only thing he could make. You had to see it to get the full effect. Than he pulled out five dollars and asked my niece what she would rather have. Either the money or the balloon animal. The magician than has three balls under a hat. He made it seem like there were no balls under the hat. So he asked my niece Allie how many balls were under the hat. She said none, but they were under there. He said: "You lose, go back and sit down." But Allie got the money and the balloon animal.

It was nice hot day as well. Anytime you are in Saskatoon during The Fringe, you should go.