Monday, August 11, 2008

The Wedding - Ceremony, Reception, Gift Opening

Friday was my cousin's Jeffery's wedding. I had to be at the church at 12:30 for pictures. The wedding was held at St. David's Anglican Church in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Plus we had to blow up balloons which I will get to in a moment. It was very simple. The church wasn't decorated too much. Just some flowers in the sanctuary and lobby. My dad and I were made last minute ushers. All we had to do is hand out the programs (for lack of a better word). It wasn't a long wedding ceremony. It was a good thing as it was crazy hot inside the church and outside. There was not many people from Tania's (the bride) family. Actually, that is not her real name. That is her English name. Her real name is Yee Chee Kim. She is originally from Malaysia. I will admit she was a very beautiful bride. My cousin was stylin' and profilin'. Now my cousin had a lot of family there. I have had some good times growing up with my cousin. Where does the time go? But anyways, after the ceremony they released all the balloons that was blown up. I don't know the significance of that. If anyways knows please leave a comment and tell me.

After the ceremony before the reception a bunch of us went to my Auntie Janet's for a drink and eat some food. My family is notorious for putting out a spread of food. It is crazy. Not to mention my Auntie Merle (mother of the groom), baked a ton of stuff. 15 kinds of dainties alone.

After that I then went to the reception which was at the Travelodge. We first started out with drinks and than the program. The MC was Marty Houle. Marty Houle was cousin's old boss when he worked at Houle Furniture & Appliances. Tania had to get out of her dress into an Asian type dress (I can't remember the name). There was one part of the program that was for the bride. There was an Asian tea ceremony. It was explained the significance of doing it and what everything behind it meant. Don't ask me to tell you as I don't remember. The food was very good. They had trivia questions about the bride and groom. Whoever got the question right got to get their food. The music was done by Mystic Music Services. It was a great time. Oh and I should mention I got the garter. My cousin Jamilynn (sister of the groom) was called up and sang Mmmmm Bop by Hanson. Even after all these years she is still a Hanson fan. There was a midnight lunch and cakes most of which were made by my Auntie Merle.

The next day was the gift opening at my Auntie Merle and Uncle Harvey's (mother and father of the groom). Again there was more food. I guess you can see a trend. My family is known for food. Jeff and Tania received a lot of practical stuff. They got household items such as plates, cups, mugs, appliances, and other stuff like that. One thing that was on my cousin list on the registry at Wal-Mart was gum and candy (Reisen was one of them). He actually got it which was the funny part.

All in all it was great time this weekend. It sure makes you wonder where the time goes. Plus everybody I know is getting married. I wonder if it is expected of me to get married... first I have to find someone. Any takers? Ha, ha, ha!

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