Friday, January 09, 2009

Writing Music

I have been writing music lately since I got my guitar back from Mother's Music. Well, I have been putting tunes to lyrics I already have. I have two songs pretty much complete. They are entitled "Irish Spring" and "On My Way To Manitoba." Now I just need to record them to see how they sound. I did a rough take of "Irish Spring" and it sounded horrible. I will keep you updated on the whole process of which songs are finished and whatnot. So keep on the look out for my music.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Collective Soul Was AWESOME

So at the last minute or close to it I got a ticket to go see Collective Soul. Or they were the main reason. They were at Prairieland Park playing New Years Eve. They were awesome. I didn't get to go when they were in Saskatoon earlier in 2008. They played a number of songs off their first album. It was awesome how they ended their set. They made mention as to how they were going to be recording a new album. They played a little bit of two new songs. But Collective Soul was AWESOME! At least they played one of my favorite songs by them entitled "The World I Know."

There were retards pushing and shoving trying to make their way to the front. A few of us had to make stand our ground. There was this one woman behind me who was watching my back to try and stop pushing forward. But finally I let her stand in front of me. I was right up at the front. This one chick was trying to push her way forward, but she just ended up getting grabbed and shoved to the back. I ended up pushing this one dude and he backed off pretty quick. The one couple was trying to push their way to the front. I put my arm up so they couldn't get to the front and they got pissed. This chick was being a bitch about it and complaining. But I stood my ground. They finally got a spot after another couple left. This was all during Collective Soul.

There was security their, but most of male security were fat. There were to really fat ones who didn't do much. They had to toss some people out during Collective Soul. Dumbasses!

Hope you had a great New Years Eve. Happy New Years!

There were two bands before Collective Soul. The first band was Gong Show. They were good and did covers of more classic rock. The second band was called Half Hour Shower. They did covers of classic rock, metal, alternative rock. They also did two of their own original songs.