Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ten Days Left

I have ten days left then I am finished work. Work has been boring because in the summer it is not so dirty and messy. So I usually get done what I have to do in good time. But I shouldn't complain because I didn't really do much to get this job. I was given this job on a recommendation.

If I come back to work for PA Janitorial Services after I am finished school I don't know. I just want to have a career in many different fields. A radio station DJ, a singer in a band, professional wrestling commentator, or professional wrestling ref. There are so many different things I want to do. I guess I will make a decision when time comes. Right now finishing work, getting a laptop, getting funding is the main priority right now.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Busy, Busy Weekend

What a weekend I had. I had reunion stuff to do. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday I did stuff with family. There was family from all over Saskatchewan, Canada, United States, and Wales at the reunion. I was staying at the farm on Friday after work, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

Saturday Afternoon:
Saturday afternoon there was a come and go tea at my Auntie Merle and Uncle Harvey's place on 22nd St. E. in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. There was a lot of family from all over at the come and go tea. Some people I never even met. So it was good to see people.

Saturday Evening:
Saturday evening there was a wiener roast at the farm. My dad's farm that be. My dad's cousin wife Eileen and their three kids didn't know what a wiener roast was. Eileen said: "Is it like roasting marshmallows?" Yes it's exactly like that. It was windy and John (dad's cousin from Coneticut) were freezing because they were not used to 50 degree F weather. They came from 100 degree F weather. But it was a good time. The wiener was roast was the Sheldon side of the family.

Sunday Evening:
Sunday evening all of the family went to my dad's cousin Carmen's place. He had the perfect place to hold a few hundred people. He used to have dairy cattle, but not anymore. So he converted his loft into a place where people can have dances and whatnot. So we ate more food and had a dance. The Cottonpickers were the entertainment. Seen a lot more family I didn't know. So it was a great time. I was in charge of the name tags.

Monday Afternoon:
My dad's cousin Gwyn was staying out at the farm. So I had to go pick up my dad's cousin Anna's husband Bryn from Carmen's at around 4 PM and bring him to the farm to stay the rest of his time here in Prince Albert. I gave Bryn the grand tour of the farm and he was fascinated by all that I shown him. Bryn does some farming back in Wales. He really enjoyed the tour. Here is a bit of trivia for you. Bryn told me that sheep out number people in England. There are nine million sheep and three million people.

Then on Monday evening after John, Elieen, their three kids, my Grandman Sheldon, Uncle Jack, Auntie Irene, Stew, Gwyn, John and Joy, Uncle Harvey and Auntie Merle came back from Waskesiu (Prince Albert National Park), we had pizza for supper.

All in all it was great weekend to see some new faces and see some old familiar faces. I am thankful that everyone arrived safe and made their way home safe. I am also thankful that all the functions during the reunion went off smoothly and safely.

The whole point of the reunion was to get people together and see people because we only got together at funerals. Busy weekend, but busy in a good way.