Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Your Theological Worldview

You scored as Roman Catholic. You are Roman Catholic. Church tradition and ecclesial authority are hugely important, and the most important part of worship for you is mass. As the Mother of God, Mary is important in your theology, and as the communion of saints includes the living and the dead, you can also ask the saints to intercede for you.

What's your theological worldview?
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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A New Addition To The Family?

Today as I wasn't feeling good, I didn't go to class. I usually stay logged into MSN Messenger when I am not class. So my sister Angela IMs me and said, you need to find a job so you can spend money on gifts for a new niece of nephew or something to that affect. I was puzzled. She was snickering (she posted a snickering emoticon) and I was still puzzled. Still snickering, she than came out and told me that Heather, my other sister, was pregnant and that she is due in November. Angela was disappointed by the emoticon she posted.

My initial reaction was shock. Than I thought, ewww my sister had sex. Immature, I know, but that's how I felt. I than responded, by saying that I thought she would have at least have waited until her honeymoon to do it. Practicing Christians would generally wait until they get married to have sex. That was my view of it. But Angela said that she is a not a practicing Christian. It is all an act. In someway I agree. She puts on one face for family and one face for church. But now I just don't know what to think.

One thing I am worried about is her fiance, soon to be husband, possibly becoming a deadbeat. I mean, he doesn't do much around the apartment. I just wonder if he will decide to leave. I want this child to have a father in his or her life. My other niece and two nephews don't have their fathers in their lives and I don't want this to happen to this child. I will love this child regardless. But if Rob (her fiance) acts like a deadbeat in any way, than so help me. This will be a huge rude awakening for both and they need to mature and fast because once this child enters this world, they will have significantly less time to do what they want. My sister Heather doesn't like to be at home that much, but she will have to now because once this child comes into this world. It will be less about them and more about this child.

I am mixed bag of emotions right now and I might not be thinking rationally. So I just want a piece of mind in this situation. I want this child to grow up in a healthy loving home, but I am not sure if this child will get it or not because there have been times where I have witnessed my sister Heather and Rob fight and over the might trivial things. I am just so confused at what to think right now. I wonder if my mom, dad, or step dad know about this. I don't want my dad to be the last to find out because the last time he was the last to find out about my sister Angela being pregnant with her third child, it set him right off. I just hope my family doesn't find out through the grapevine because that would be just wrong to find out that way because I would think that they would have the maturity to come forward and tell my parents. After all, they have decided to become parents.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Back From Saskatoon

Over the weekend six of us went to Saskatoon to the Evangelical Orthodox Church. It was for their Easter celebrations. They had services Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. They went through the whole Lent services that coincides with Jesus' death and resurrection. Something like this I have never experienced before. Sure I have experienced an Easter service and whatnot, but attending services like this has given me a deeper appreciation for Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection. I am thankful for the opportunity to go and experience that. If I didn't go, then I would have never felt this deeper appreciation.

The weekend was very good overall and I thank everyone at Holy Covenant Church for being so hospitable.