Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Job Interview

I got a job interview tomorrow at Canadian Tire. It's the first call back in a while for a job. It's nothing spectacular, but it's a job. Wish me luck. I could really use this job. It is not till six o'clock. So I can still take care of my nephew during the day who is recovering still from tonsil surgery that he had last week.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Change The Anthem?

Doesn't the Stephen Harper government have anything better to do then to dick around wasting taxpayers money in wanting to look at possibly changing the national anthem. The part Stephen Harper wants to change is "...in all our sons command." Is there a point to doing it? I say NO!

Let's look at why there is no point in doing this. Firstly, like I said, it is going to waste taxpayers money when it can be spent on something more useful and needed. Secondly, the national anthem is fine just way it is. Thirdly, are you going to go back to its original lyrics "in all thou dost stand?" It might take some getting used to on the third thing.

I was listening to a replaying of John Gormley Live last night and they were talking about this issue. John Gormley took a quick 60 second phone poll and wanted to see how many said yes or no to changing the national anthem. The end result was 100 percent of the people said no to changing the anthem. So 13 people said no. When they talked and debated the issue, some said that if you change one little thing in favor of political correctness, then you have to change everything in favor of political correctness. I do agree, that some minuscule doesn't need to be changed because of some feminist groups. If you change that, then you have to change everything in the anthem to appease all groups. Then you will have an anthem so diluted and a shell of its former self, that it will not be uniquely Canadian. Or they talked about the national anthem being tradition which it is. Nobody has complained before about this tradition. So why now?

Do you think that the Canadian national anthem should be changed? I definitely do not. Stephen Harper usually never listens to these groups, so why now? This is why Stephen Harper is not the best choice for prime minister. First he prorogues parliament, then next he wants to change to the national anthem. What next, he wants to do a study on how water quenches your thirst? With Harper possibly doing a study on changing the national anthem... I wouldn't doubt he would do such a thing.

You American's think Brack Obama is wasting money? Take a look at Stephen Harper then say that.

Monday, March 01, 2010

The Olympics Are Over

The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics are over. Now most Olympic broadcasters have gone back to their regular programing. But Rogers Sportsnet is still going on about the Olympics. I said that I am proud to be Canadian, but how much more can we talk about the Olympics? I am proud of the athletes and all the medals we won and will look back on the accomplishment and history that we made. Maybe I am making a bigger deal then need be. Its also possibly that I am all Olympiced (if there is such a word) out.

I will give some big kudos to Vancouver for hosting such a great and memorable games. Now it will be weird watching something other then the Olympics.