Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Song of the Day #45

This is the video for the new Tegan and Sara single.  It is so good!

"I Was a Fool" by Tegan and Sara
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Monday, May 06, 2013

Wake Up, It's the 21st Century

I know it happens a lot, but that's no excuse especially since we live in Canada.  If you haven't heard by now, here is the low down.  There is a business in Saskatoon called Jenny's Bridal Boutique and this isn't the first time they've discriminated against people.  Back 2011, a girl and her mom drove up from Lanigan to try on grad dresses.  But due to the girl being in a wheelchair, they were immediately told to leave the store because of the mess it would make and that there was no room.  So they went to another store and were treated very well as they were helped to make sure her wheelchair wouldn't make a mess.  Also, they've treated plus size customers like crap.  Someone posted on the Jenny's Bridal Boutique Facebook page that they had a bad experience and were will to chalk it up as only that, but after reading about the other incidents they've thought again.

The latest incident involves someone who is transgender. They were refused service by the staff at said establishment.  The owner would not help this person because they looked like a man. So they left and went to another establishment and was treated like they should have been.  The staff at the other establishment they went to was very helpful and didn't discriminate.

With that being said, this is the 21st century.  You'd think we being in Canada and Canadians have evolved since discriminating against transgender people was the societal norm back in the 1950s.  The owner and staff at Jenny's Bridal Boutique wouldn't like it if they were discriminated against.  But why they would strip someone of their dignity is beyond me.  The real stupid thing is that the owner doesn't feel bad that it happened and sticks by it.  It's no wonder they get bad publicity.  It's actions like this.  With word of mouth, people will not only tell them of these incidents, but just tell people to boycott their store if they hear of people thinking of going there.

In business, you need to keep your own personal views of a person out of it no matter race, creed, colour, gender, sexual orientation, etc..  In business you don't things that damage the reputation of your business.  Yes it will happen and that's no excuse.  Stripping someone of their dignity is shitty way of doing business.  As a person who has dealt with customers in the past, knows you don't treat people like that if they haven't done anything to warrant such treatment.

If this business wants to stay in business, they'd change their way of treating customers who transgender, in a wheelchair, or plus size.  If they show you respect, do the same in return.  In one article I've read, the business owner hasn't even attempted to write the wrong or apologize.

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