Sunday, November 27, 2011

Song of the Day #26 - Foo Fighters

This song is my current song obsession.  This is the band's current hit.  The lyrics, especially the chorus, are amazing.  I've been listening it to a lot.  Enjoy!

"These Days" by Foo Fighters
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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Pittsburgh Steelers Fans Are Delusional...

In different leagues in different sports, there is always a team that is a legendary team above other teams for a variety of reasons. For example, in the NHL there is Montreal Canadians. They've been overall the most successful team winning the most Stanley Cups. So, I was on the Green Bay Twitter page the other day and their background says "13 time World Champions."  I asked why Pittsburgh Steelers fans always throw it in your face about winning six Super Bowls and why it said "13 time World Champions" on their Twitter background.  I found out that it was before the NFC and AFC were formed that Green Bay won a lot of them.

I looked up the history of the NFL and found it was founded in 1920.  Of course the NFL wasn't known as the NFL until 1922.  I also looked up the history of the Green Packers and they were established in 1919, but they didn't become apart of the NFL until 1921.

With a slight history lesson out of the way, the Pittsburgh Steelers fan like to rub people's noses in the fact that their team won six Super Bowls.  Great, you won six NFL Championships.  Is that supposed to be impressive?  They are only the fourth best team of all-time in the NFL.  Even the Chicago Bears and New York Giants have won more NFL Championships then the Steelers have.  But I guess they don't like to bring that up because it shows they are not all the fans brag them up to be.  Another history making fact about the Green Bay Packers is that they won the very FIRST Super Bowl in 1966.  Also they are the only team to make three straight NFL Championship game appearances and did it twice I might add.

The Pittsburgh Steelers fans are too delusional for their own good.  They won't give props to the other teams that are deserved.  They think their team the best and every other team blows.  Granted, fans other teams think that way, but Steelers refuse to believe, even in a terrible season, that their is that their team is bad.  On the off chance they do come to terms with the fact that their team is terrible they will bandwagon another team until their team is good again.

I've noticed that Steelers fans are like Edmonton Oiler and Edmonton Eskimo fans.  Majority of them are nothing but egotistical douche bag asshole that like to throw things in your face.  They are quick to point out stuff about other teams, but not so quick to admit things about their own team.  If you can't even poke fun at your own team, than who are you to rip on another team?  Sure we all do it, but I do it in good fun.  I know when my team blows and don't care either way because I am a fan regardless.  Unlike the Steelers fans, they are too delusional to know what humility and know what being humble is.  Oh well, I guess they like believing in their own bullshit and like having tunnel vision.  But that's a Steelers fan for you.