Monday, January 23, 2012

Now vs. Then and Mainstream vs. Indy/Indie

People like to bitch about various items nowadays saying that back in the day was better. Not everything back in the day was better. But they complain about the music, professional wrestling, TV shows, and other items. There are good things in each of those aforementioned items. There are times in history where things are bad, but no matter what, people will bitch that things in the now is bad.

People are too stubborn to look at things objectively. They would rather subject things to this one standard nowadays and back than. Nowadays being crap and then being awesome. That's not the case if you look closely. People would rather bitch than look at things objectively.

If bitching about things in the now isn't annoying enough, they have lump in the whole of something based on the mainstream. Take professional wrestling for example, some people will say that wrestling overall is terrible because the mainstream is not what it used to be. If you are not even checking out indy wrestling, than how can you accurately say that wrestling overall is terrible. You can't accurately judge something by strictly the mainstream.

This is a problem I encounter. A lot of people think the mainstream is the measuring stick for everything. That is further from the truth. In all honesty, being mainstream or indy/indie is irrelevant to how good or bad the whole of something is. Unfortunately that doesn't factor into the realm of thinking for a lot of people.

You can find pretentious ass clowns in both the mainstream and indy/indie of whatever. Tegan and Sara have said they did indie music festivals for years and the people that go to them look at you as if your pants are not tight enough, hair is not a certain way, etc..

People need to stop being so pretentious about everything. They can't find anything good in anything. Get over it and stop complaining. But nothing will ever be good enough for a lot of people even when you prove there is good in stuff.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Why Being Polite Is Overrated

The Music Think Tank has an article on why being polite is overrated.  I found the article via a ReverbNation tweet.  When I seen the tweet, it made me check out the article.  I agree with the article 100 percent.  My friend and I talked about this very topic.

It's true that being only complimentary is a big problem.  I know a person who releases music to a very small fan base.  His fan base is nothing but his friends and a few people he knows.  The problem is that they won't say anything critical or be honest about his work.  They will brown nose him showering him with praise and compliments.  It's good to get compliments and praise for your work.  But if you work is terrible, how will you grow as an artist if people are not honest?

Maybe I feel this way because I am hard on myself with some of my music.  I find I write songs that are sometimes too long and I get frustrated that I can't pare a song down from to a three or four minute song.  But some people are too stubborn and thick skinned to realize stuff like this about their music and as I said, people won't tell them that.  Are people afraid to offend someone?  Are people afraid that the artist will get mad?  Proof is with Taylor Swift.  Somebody wrote something about her she felt hurtful.  So she turned it into a hit song... People need to stop being so sensitive.  If you can't handle constructive criticism, than you are in the wrong business.

People can't handle a big steaming pile of the truth.  People would rather have their feelings safeguarded  with some bogus bullshit and fake ass kissing because it's what they want to hear.  But the truth can be your best friend.  You can actually benefit from the truth.  If you want me to lay down a dose of truth on your music, I'll do it.  I'm not afraid that you'll get butt hurt because in time you'll get over.  The article says the truth which is negative can foster creativity and make your music better because it shows you what you can do differently or improve upon.  If you can't accept the truth, than how will you ever improve?  Not improving sounds counterproductive.  Not only that, but arguing or debating and sarcasm makes you more creative because it makes you view things in a different light.  But sometimes it comes back to being stubborn.  Some people don't want to see things differently.

People don't need to sugarcoat things.  If you feel one way, than say what you feel.  Don't say something you don't feel because it's what they want to hear.  Sure it's not pleasant to hear, but sometimes they have to bite the bullet and deal with it.  You as an artist will be better for it.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter Weather

In various parts of the world, weather can change in an instant.  This is especially true in Saskatchewan.  This past Sunday, Saskatchewan woke up to a blanket of snow.  This is the most snow we've had all winter (if you would even call it that.).

The seasonal norms for this time of year is not always what we get.  Some people think it's odd to get these cold -40 C with the windchill temperatures multiple days in a row.  We are Saskatchewan after all, so temperatures like this for a few days shouldn't surprise you.  Unfortunately with some people it does.

I guess living in Saskatchewan hasn't taught some of the population anything.  But at least this cold snap we are in isn't effecting just Saskatchewan.  On the Weather Network, they showed the parts of Canada where it is extremely cold.  From part of Eastern British Columbia to parts of Northwestern Ontario are experiencing a major deep freeze.  Some parts of Canada are less accustomed to this sort of weather than other places.

When I hear about other places in Canada complaining about a foot of snow and have to get the army to get the army in to help them dig out, I think "get over it."  Some people are pansies when it comes to winter.  You live in Canada, so you know what to expect out of winter.  Yet people want to live in oblivion thinking that the next winter won't be bad.  We will never know until we are faced with winter.  You can try and predict the winter, but it won't always be what is predicted.  That's the unpredictability of winter and weather in general.

I bet people want what is forecast for weather.  Unfortunately, that's not always possible.  You can use all these methods, tools, and technology to try and accurately forecast what the weather for winter is going to be like, but even that is not always foolproof.  I guess you can think of forecasts as a possibility of what the weather might be like.  As I said, living in Saskatchewan, the weather can change in an instant and if you've spent any time here, you'd know that.

Monday, January 16, 2012

I Am Not Broken

The title is a bit deceiving. I'll tell the story.

Friday was like any other day. Or so it seemed. It was Friday 13th. I don't focus on the superstition of it. I find it to be a load of shit myself. So I went on with my day unassuming of anything. I did my duty of running the shredder while the one I work with was taking lunch. A semi was being unloaded during that time. You might think there is no significance in that. I was grabbing tires to put on the shredder and I looked up and a tire hit me square in the face. It was on the right side of my nose and under my eye. There was some blood, but no stitches were required. Nothing was broken either.

My glasses and safety glasses were broken.

People at church were shocked to hear what happened.

I was needing know glasses anyways, but this will speed things up in getting them.

That's the story. It is true, I am not broken.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Song of the Day #32

This is the latest single from the Deep Dark Woods.  It's been getting some play on CBC Radio 2.  Great song!

"Sugar Mama" by Deep Dark Woods
YouTube link

Monday, January 09, 2012

Song of the Day #31

Here is another song I hear a fair bit on CBC Radio 2 Morning and even heard it on CBC Radio 2 Drive.  This song has a Sloanesque sound.

"The Year Things Feel Apart" by The Golden Seals
YouTube link

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Song of the Day #30

This is a song that I hear a fair bit on CBC Radio 2 Morning.  It's a catchy song!

"Are You" by Alex Cuba
YouTube link

Monday, January 02, 2012

All Of Nickelback's Greatest Hits Played At Once

This was posted on Facebook by someone on my friends list.  It is beyond classic!  Most people will find this funny.

YouTube link

Sunday, January 01, 2012

This Is Freaking Insane!

Check out this link.  It basically shows the progression of stickers being put everywhere by thousands of kids.  This is a totally unique concept.  It is simply mind blowing when it comes to the end result!