Monday, January 23, 2012

Now vs. Then and Mainstream vs. Indy/Indie

People like to bitch about various items nowadays saying that back in the day was better. Not everything back in the day was better. But they complain about the music, professional wrestling, TV shows, and other items. There are good things in each of those aforementioned items. There are times in history where things are bad, but no matter what, people will bitch that things in the now is bad.

People are too stubborn to look at things objectively. They would rather subject things to this one standard nowadays and back than. Nowadays being crap and then being awesome. That's not the case if you look closely. People would rather bitch than look at things objectively.

If bitching about things in the now isn't annoying enough, they have lump in the whole of something based on the mainstream. Take professional wrestling for example, some people will say that wrestling overall is terrible because the mainstream is not what it used to be. If you are not even checking out indy wrestling, than how can you accurately say that wrestling overall is terrible. You can't accurately judge something by strictly the mainstream.

This is a problem I encounter. A lot of people think the mainstream is the measuring stick for everything. That is further from the truth. In all honesty, being mainstream or indy/indie is irrelevant to how good or bad the whole of something is. Unfortunately that doesn't factor into the realm of thinking for a lot of people.

You can find pretentious ass clowns in both the mainstream and indy/indie of whatever. Tegan and Sara have said they did indie music festivals for years and the people that go to them look at you as if your pants are not tight enough, hair is not a certain way, etc..

People need to stop being so pretentious about everything. They can't find anything good in anything. Get over it and stop complaining. But nothing will ever be good enough for a lot of people even when you prove there is good in stuff.

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