Friday, September 10, 2010

Song of the Day #5

Here is the fifth song of the day in honour of Dream Theater who lost founding member and drummer Mike Portnoy this week as he quit the band.

"Take Away My Pain" by Dream Theater
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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Mike Portnoy Quitting Dream Theater

I was going to do this blog last night, but I didn't.

Mike Portnoy quite Dream Theater and made an official announcement which was posted on Facebook, Roadrunner Records website, MySpace, and wherever else Dream Theater posts official band news. Within this press release, Mike Portnoy has said that he feels he needs to step away from Dream Theater, a band he led and help found. He didn't want to keep doing something with a band, although he loves, that he didn't have the same passion for as he once has. He has felt better doing work with other bands like Avenged Sevenfold. He also said that Dream Theater was burning him out because they went full force with this for 25 years. The band was never ending, evening during their "down" time, as they would keep working a pretty busy schedule.

On one hand, I don't blame him for wanting to take time away from Dream Theater. I mean, they are a hard working band in terms of writing music, recording, touring, etc.. On the other hand, Dream Theater won't be the same without him. But Dream Theater has made the choice to keep going on without Mike Portnoy. If you look at the history of the band's album release history, they are constantly writing and recording albums. They go between a year and three years between releasing albums. The songs they write are damn good. I can see how someone might get burnt out.

Will he return to Dream Theater? Or is this quitting of the band forever? After all, Portnoy did consider quitting the band in 1998, but didn't.

I've been reading some comments on Facebook, MySpace, Roadrunner Records, and Blabber Mouth, and some people are making this seem like it's the end all of everything. They over dramatize things. First instance, someone said that "this is the worst day of his life." I highly doubt that. Another person called Portnoy a sellout. If wanting to step away from something before you go over the edge due to being burnt out is being a sellout, then I guess he is. I understand that Dream Theater won't be the same, but cut the man some slack. He has been going non-stop for 25 years. Let the man pursue other musical ventures and projects. If you are a fan of Mike Portnoy, then you will support his decision to do something other then Dream Theater. Sure it may be a sad day for Dream Theater, but it's the right thing for Portnoy to do.

People need to except his decision and move on no matter if you like it or not.


I have that I've been trying to see she has been doing lately, but she has been ignoring me. She tried to say my sister and I have been rude to her lately. But I told her that I have not been rude to her lately. I told her that ignoring me when I want to see how she is doing is rude. Then she said she didn't want to talk which is the reason why she hasn't been talking to me. I told her that she can at least say hi and tell me how she is doing. I've accepted the fact that talking is reduced because she is in school, but all out not talking to her best friend is just stupid. She can talk to other friends about me, but can't talk to me about me if there is an issue.

She has said said stuff to me, but now the shoe is on other foot and I know she probably won't like it. Well, a part of me says that is just too bad and another part me says now you know how I feel.

I know in she will come around. She always does. So I have to just be patient.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Song of the Day #4

Here is the fourth song of the day, but the second one today.

"Break Even (Falling To Pieces)" by The Script
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Song of the Day #3

Here is another song of the day. This is the third one on my blog:

"Just The Way You Are" by Bruno Mars
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