Monday, April 27, 2009

Is It The Dog? Or Is It The Owner?

The other day, a friend from the United States said she was standing in front of her house while her vehicle was in the process of being towed to go get fixed. Then from down the street a pitbull from down the street came up to her and bit her leg. The ambulance was called, animal control was called, and I do believe the police were called. She also called her husband to get home because this happened. When the husband, who is also a friend, got home, he accessed the situation. The owner was said to look like a black drug dealer with bling bling and what not. She said that might have something to do with why she got bit. The owner came over and said he was sorry, but he was told by my friends that they are getting a lawyer after him. They have a witness in the tow truck driver who was about who was about to kill the dog. Not only that, but the dog was wearing only a choker and not an actual collar. As well, the dog wasn't on a leash and from what I understand of the story, the owner couldn't get control of the dog. Now the dog will be in quarantine for ten days to check for rabies, than it will be put down. My friend went to the hospital and got some shots as a precaution.

From what I understand of the story, the owner didn't even attempt to chase down his dog. The fact the dog wasn't on a leash will also be brought up in court. The owner will have to pay all medical costs associated with this. The owner was not up-to-date on the dogs shots even though he said he was. According to what my friends said, it is city, county, and or state law that all dogs need to be up-to-date on all shots. Basically, there are a number of items that are going to brought against the owner when they go to court. Now my friend doesn't like pitbulls because of this.

Now I posse a question to you: Is it the dogs fault? Or is it the owners fault? With all the discussion I have heard on this issue, people have been saying it is the owners fault. That I do agree with. Than a few pointed to the dog breed based on the reputation it has gained over time. People may use the dog as a scapegoat so they don't have to take responsibility for their actions as an owner. That is unfair to the animal because if their owner doesn't teach and train it, or even abuse and neglect it than of course they will do the things they do. Than again, some owners train their dogs to be aggressive and attack people. I do understand that some breeds are naturally aggressive. But with a little work any dog can be friendly and kind.

When I lived in the country on the farm, our neighbour had a big fat rottweiler which is one of the nicest dog you will ever meet. Unfortunately, Madson (which was the name of the dog) had people scared of him because of his size and the fact that he was a rottweiler. That goes to show you that people have these conceived notions about certain breeds of dogs.

I do like dogs and they are one of my favorite animals. Never once did I treat one of my dogs like crap. Its like the old adage: "You get what you give." This is true with a lot of things and not just us humans. If you give a dog respect, it will for the most part respect you back. Some breeds of dogs were domesticated from wild breeds thus have some wild instincts to them. I am not trying to scapegoat certain breeds, but some breeds may go back to those wild instincts and attack their owners.

The old adage of: "You get what you give" rings true with some friends who live in the state of Washington. They took in a dog that is, if I remember correctly, a pitbull rottweiler cross. This dog was abused and neglected because when they took in this dog, it was covered in dog crap and dog urine. It weighed considerably less then it should have as it weighed 40 pounds. It apparently the dog had fleas as well. All my friend had to do was show the dog that he was a friend by gently petting the dog and being nice to it. When they cleaned up the dog it was in pain because of how it was when my friend took the dog in. The nursed the dog back to good health and it is at its correct weight.

Owners can make a dog fit what they want and it shows. With the last story of my friends in the state of Washington, it shows that there are good owners out there. I do feel as in the case of my friend who got bit, the owner is liable not necessarily the dog because the dog sometimes doesn't know any better.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

ShamWow Parodies

Here are some ShamWow parodies. Not all of the following content is suitable for all viewers. So discretion is advised.

The ShamWOOHOO! by Nigahiga

ShamZow by Pixies Production Inc.

The Jesus Christ Sponge (ShamWow Parody) by Jacks Films

The ShamWow Sucks! by MattG124

ShamWow Dub Parody - ScamNow by RBelluso

ShamWow Song (Lyrics From Vince Offer) by Rhett and Link

ShamkHwow by GoRemy

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Do Bumper Stickers Support Our Troops?

Bumper stickers are a lame way to "say" you support our troops without having to verbalize that you actually do. It is like bumper sticker Christians. They put bumper stickers on their cars to try and make it look they are Christians. But it is a cop out. A few quotes on a bumper sticker or a trooper supporting pin looking bumper sticker isn't going to cut it. If people truly support the troops, than they wouldn't just stick a bumper sticker on their vehicles. I can even see through that lame attempt to support the troops. Putting a bumper sticker on your car is like saying: "I support the troops, how about you?" I choose not to put bumper stickers on my car. I do support the troops as much as the next guy, I just think the Afghanistan mission is crock.

I see bumper stickers all the time and see them as an eye sore. Bumper stickers don't equate support of the troops. Sure they may say "I support our troops" or something to that effect. But do they really support them? I bet if you asked people if they support them, they may hesitantly say no. But if they were to say yes I might think they are lying.

What does support of the troops really look like? Verbalizing, protesting, writing to your government? I don't have that answer. But what I do know that it is more than just a bumper sticker on some vehicle. Truthfully, who will see it on your vehicle. Sure I see a lot of them, but I won't necessarily see it on yours. Your intentions might good, but that might not be the way you truly feel.

I read that something someone said: "A bumper sticker is not supporting our troops... insisting they come home from the phony war in Afghanistan is."

That rings true. The Canadians troops are fighting a war that is not even ours to begin with. I would rather have people support the troops in a mission they believed in rather than fake it in a mission they don't believe in.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Corner Gas Has Closed Down

Corner Gas, the now iconic sitcom is done forever. I have been stewing over the final episode since watching it Saturday on the Comedy Network. I didn't envision it ending the way it did. I envisioned it ending the way Hank's day dream went a season or two ago. Basically Hank's day dream ended with Lacey leaving Dog River and going back to Toronto. I thought it might have ended that way, but with Brent telling Lacey that he was in love with her. That was not the case with the ending. Watching it, I thought it would have ended with Brent going on a national comedy tour (Brent was doing stand up comedy every Wednesday as the story went), Wanda taking over Corner Gas, and the other characters doing their usual stuff. Instead Brent doing stand up comedy was something on a list of things he wanted to do. The next thing on his list to wrestle a bear, but ending doing the thing after that and went fly fishing in the Yukon. Lacey opened a Ruby in Wollerton, but was shut down by local health inspectors. Wanda finished her degree in theoretical physics and went on to make more than minimum wage at Corner Gas. Hank remains unemployed. Emma and Oscar are still married even though Emma ignored doctors advice to divorce Oscar. Karen and Davis fell in love and get married, but to other people.

Overall, the show was awesome. You didn't have to be from Saskatchewan to appreciate the humor of it. I thought that the show could have lasted a few more seasons as could Seinfeld. At least they gave it a good send off with show interviewing the cast and some of the production crew than airing the final episode. They didn't just end it without any warning like some shows do. In some cases it is good to end a show before it comes overkill. I know for a fact that Corner Gas wouldn't have become overkill. Like Seinfeld, Corner Gas is one of those shows that I can watch without getting sick of it.

In the history of pop culture in Canada, Corner Gas has found a place quite nicely. Whether you are from Burnaby, British Columbia or Moncton, New Brunswick or anywhere in between, Corner Gas has undoubtedly become a part of our Canadian indentity and culture. When talking about Corner Gas with another person, you automatically know what episode they are talking about. Or you should for the most part. Corner Gas will live on for years even though it is no longer on the air with new episodes.

Now that Corner Gas is no longer on the air, what is CTV going to do to replace it? Corner Gas is irreplaceble, but something has to be done. After all, Corner Gas did bring in no less than a million viewers every Monday. It will be a hit in the ratings for CTV and the Comedy Network to an exstent. I just can't fathom Corner Gas not have anymore episodes. Corner Gas has become one of my new favorite shows of all-time alongside The Simpsons, Seinfeld, Melrose Place (yes I like Melrose Place, so what?), among others.

Than you Corner Gas, you had an incredible run. You will surely be missed. Corner Gas is one of a kind and as I said has etched out a place in the history of Canadian pop culture. Corner Gas maybe gone, but will not be forgotten. Thanks again!

Friday, April 17, 2009

WWE Draft - Supplemental Portion

Here are the results of the supplemental portion of the 2009 WWE draft.

Mr. Kennedy from SmackDown!
WWE Unified Tag Team Champion Primo from SmackDown!
Nikki Bella from SmackDown!
Chavo Guerrero from SmackDown!
Hornswoggle from ECW
Festus from SmackDown!
The Brian Kendrick from SmackDown!
Brie Bella from SmackDown!

Shad from Raw
Alicia Fox from ECW
Mike Knox from Raw
Candice Michelle from Raw
Ricky Ortiz from ECW
Layla from Raw
John Morrison from ECW
JTG from Raw
Dolph Ziggler from Raw
Charlie Haas from Raw

Ezekiel Jackson from SmackDown!
Zack Ryder from SmackDown!
DH Smith from SmackDown! not Raw like it says on
Natalya from SmackDown!
Hurricane Helms from SmackDown!

The Brian Kendrick being drafted to Raw is a bad move. He will get buried and he will get ring time on house shows and possibly WWE Superstars on WGN. If Kendrick wants some face time on TV than being on Raw is the best spot for him. SmackDown! and ECW would be more suitable.

Hurricane Helms going to ECW is not a good thing. Helms is a talented wrestler, but was pretty much buried when he returned to SmackDown! after his neck injury. After he confroted Matt Hardy on SmackDown! he was pretty much taken off TV. Lets hope he gets some face time on ECW. He deserves a chance to wrestle on TV and hasn't really gotten the chance since his return. Afterall they jobbed him Vladamir Kozlov

Hopefully things will turn around for Charlie Haas now that he is back on SmackDown!. I hope they have stopped having Haas imitate past and present WWE superstars. When given the chance Haas can wrestle with the best of them. Maybe they could reform The Worlds Greatest Tag Team. The tag team division could use a boost and what better way to do it than reform The Worlds Greatest Tag Team? Or is Shelton Benjamin a full-time singles competitor now? Either way Haas needs to get a push to the Intercontinental Championship if nothing else. A good move putting Haas on SmackDown! as he was being wasted on Raw.

Putting Festus on Raw is a bit of an odd choice if they don't have Jessie going to Raw as well. If Jessie isn't going to Raw than they need to change Festus's demeanor if a singles push for Festus is going to work. If the WWE is putting Festus on Raw without Jessie than they just broke up another tag team. I guess we will see how this will work in due time.

John Morrison can hopefully get a good singles push. I mean even though I am not a big fan of Morrison, he should have been the one to have been drafted to Raw. Afterall, he will not buried like The Miz will be. Either way, it is time for Morrison to go back to the singles division where he can get a push towards the Intercontinental Championship. Maybe he could have a good match with Rey Mysterio or whoever. Good choice putting Morrison on SmackDown!.

What are the Tag Team Champions going to accomplish by going to Raw? They already fought Simply Priceless on SmackDown!. They could have kept Cryme Tyme on Raw and bolstered the tag team division, but used Raw to do it. Or maybe they might be roving champions by going to all three brands and just have Raw as their home show when they are not the champions. Will the WWE having Primo and Carlito as roving champions? We will find out soon enough.

Natalya should have stayed on SmackDown! or went to Raw where there is a womens division and compete for one of the titles. She could still be on ECW as a manager, but wrestle on SmackDown! or Raw.

DH Smith going to ECW can be seen as good as now he can team up with Tyson Kidd aka T.J. Wilson. Afterall, DH Smith and Tyson Kidd teamed up in the indies. Lets see if they push them towards the Tag Team Championship. That would be sweet if they did.

Lets hope Mr. Kennedy will get a good push now that he is back on Raw. Did he even have a match when he returned to SmackDown!? I don't think he did. If he gets some face time on TV, they better him and push him good. He still deserves a title shot after those doctors misdiagnosed how long he would be out with an injury. Mr. Kennedy is ready, but keeps getting screwed for various reasons.

The supplemental draft is a way to move superstars nobody really cares to brands while being under the radar. As history shows us, some of the superstars drafted in the supplemental draft have been released. With this be the case with any of these draftees? Chuck Palumbo was drafted to Raw in the supplemental draft last year. But now where is he? He is on the unemployment line. We will find out soon enough who gets released who were in the supplemental draft.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

WWE Draft - The Televised Portion

The WWE is holding their annual draft. The televised portion is always shown on Monday Night Raw. The results of the televised portion of the draft are as follows:

United States Champion MVP from SmackDown!
Big Show from SmackDown!
Matt Hardy from SmackDown!
WWE Champion Triple H from SmackDown!
The Miz from ECW
Divas Champion Maryse from SmackDown!

Women's Champion Melina from Raw
CM Punk from Raw
Kane from Raw
"Y2J" Chris Jericho from Raw
Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio from Raw

Vladamir Kozlov from SmackDown!

I will post the supplemental draft results later. But I have a few things on my mind about the televised portion of the draft.

Why was The Miz drafted over John Morrison? Sure I am not a big fan of either, but Morrison is more talented than The Miz. The Miz is going to burried on Raw and forgotten about. Even though that is a good thing in my opinion, The Miz was better off on ECW where he would have got some TV time.

I guess Valadmir Kozlov going to ECW is proof that he is getting depushed. I mean I did read a number of weeks ago that the WWE is souring on Kozlov. This just seems like further proof to back it up. I myself feel as though Kozlov is overrated and ECW is good place to groom Kozlov for something bigger if there is something bigger for him.

Chris Jericho going back to SmackDown! is not that big of a shock. He did after start on Smackdown! when the brand split started. It will be interesting to see who have Jericho feud against. Maybe a bit of a program with Undertaker. There are a few possible programs Jericho could do.

The one thing that should have happened is Christian should have been drafted to either Raw or SmackDown!. He is going to waste on ECW. But Vince McMahon doesn't see Christian as a main eventer which is unfortunate because Christian is talented beyond belief.

Will Matt Hardy get his big break on Raw? Hardy should get a push towards the WWE Championship as he more talented than Jeff. Jeff Hardy only got a push because of how over he is and not based on talent. Matt deserves a chance to run with the WWE Championship I mean he has been on the cusp of something big for months and months, but gets injured around the start of his big pushes. Matt Hardy has been healthy for a while now and just ready.

Overall there is not much else that is worth talking about. Stay tuned for my thoughts on the supplemental portion of the draft.

Monday, April 13, 2009

New MySpace Background

I have been playing around with changing my MySpace background for a little while. Nothing I did looked good. But I finally got a background I like. Go to my MySpace by clicking here. So tell me what you think and add me as well.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Don't Give Them The Satisfaction

I read the latest blog post by my friend Mark Jensen. He basically said that he will stop blogging for the summer so he can be free from distractions. Or minimal ones anyways. That is something I can respect. But what gets me is the fact that he will is worried about what this so-called "big brother" of the Internet thinks of him.

I left comment basically saying that he shouldn't give them the satisfaction of quieting his voice. I am a supporter of freedom of speech and he should continue to blog. He shouldn't care about what someone who doesn't even know him thinks about him. But this day in age, what people thinks of themselves is everything. It is sickening that people need that validation in their personal lives. Your career is different because that is how you make your living obviously.

People seem so consumed with if the most popular person thinks highly of them. You see it on TV and in the movies. When the popular person at school notices them and for a fleeting moment excepts them into her group, they are like: "OMG they noticed me." Some people must have a lack of self-esteem if they try to get the popular person to notice them. I could be wrong though.

Basically, what I am saying is do something because you want to do it not because you are doing it to please the masses. So Mark, don't give them the satisfaction. My life isn't anything great at this point in time, but I blog because it allows me to vent, post ideas, give an update as to how I am doing, etc., etc.. He should blog for the same reasons. I may not be able to change his mind, but this should give him something to think about.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

This Is The End My Beautiful Friend The End

Corner Gas is coming up to an end. It is sad for all Corner Gas fans. There are only three episodes left. This is their sixth season. I wish they would reconsider and go on for another four seasons because I believe they could. They are compared to Seinfeld due to their wit and humor. Each episode is a separate episode also. Here is to what was a great run. Corner Gas never had less than a million viewers. I will miss Corner Gas. Corner Gas has spawned a phenomena all across Canada. Thank you Corner Gas, you will be missed.

Friday, April 03, 2009

The Sound I Want

I have an idea for the way I want "What People Do For Beauty" to sound like. I would like a full band sound, but if I am not able to do that I want a nice little guitar solo. Hopefully may friend Mark Jensen can do a nice little solo for the song if nothing else. The idea popped in my head when I was playing "What People Do For Beauty" earlier today.

I will keep you posted on the progress of this song.