Monday, April 27, 2009

Is It The Dog? Or Is It The Owner?

The other day, a friend from the United States said she was standing in front of her house while her vehicle was in the process of being towed to go get fixed. Then from down the street a pitbull from down the street came up to her and bit her leg. The ambulance was called, animal control was called, and I do believe the police were called. She also called her husband to get home because this happened. When the husband, who is also a friend, got home, he accessed the situation. The owner was said to look like a black drug dealer with bling bling and what not. She said that might have something to do with why she got bit. The owner came over and said he was sorry, but he was told by my friends that they are getting a lawyer after him. They have a witness in the tow truck driver who was about who was about to kill the dog. Not only that, but the dog was wearing only a choker and not an actual collar. As well, the dog wasn't on a leash and from what I understand of the story, the owner couldn't get control of the dog. Now the dog will be in quarantine for ten days to check for rabies, than it will be put down. My friend went to the hospital and got some shots as a precaution.

From what I understand of the story, the owner didn't even attempt to chase down his dog. The fact the dog wasn't on a leash will also be brought up in court. The owner will have to pay all medical costs associated with this. The owner was not up-to-date on the dogs shots even though he said he was. According to what my friends said, it is city, county, and or state law that all dogs need to be up-to-date on all shots. Basically, there are a number of items that are going to brought against the owner when they go to court. Now my friend doesn't like pitbulls because of this.

Now I posse a question to you: Is it the dogs fault? Or is it the owners fault? With all the discussion I have heard on this issue, people have been saying it is the owners fault. That I do agree with. Than a few pointed to the dog breed based on the reputation it has gained over time. People may use the dog as a scapegoat so they don't have to take responsibility for their actions as an owner. That is unfair to the animal because if their owner doesn't teach and train it, or even abuse and neglect it than of course they will do the things they do. Than again, some owners train their dogs to be aggressive and attack people. I do understand that some breeds are naturally aggressive. But with a little work any dog can be friendly and kind.

When I lived in the country on the farm, our neighbour had a big fat rottweiler which is one of the nicest dog you will ever meet. Unfortunately, Madson (which was the name of the dog) had people scared of him because of his size and the fact that he was a rottweiler. That goes to show you that people have these conceived notions about certain breeds of dogs.

I do like dogs and they are one of my favorite animals. Never once did I treat one of my dogs like crap. Its like the old adage: "You get what you give." This is true with a lot of things and not just us humans. If you give a dog respect, it will for the most part respect you back. Some breeds of dogs were domesticated from wild breeds thus have some wild instincts to them. I am not trying to scapegoat certain breeds, but some breeds may go back to those wild instincts and attack their owners.

The old adage of: "You get what you give" rings true with some friends who live in the state of Washington. They took in a dog that is, if I remember correctly, a pitbull rottweiler cross. This dog was abused and neglected because when they took in this dog, it was covered in dog crap and dog urine. It weighed considerably less then it should have as it weighed 40 pounds. It apparently the dog had fleas as well. All my friend had to do was show the dog that he was a friend by gently petting the dog and being nice to it. When they cleaned up the dog it was in pain because of how it was when my friend took the dog in. The nursed the dog back to good health and it is at its correct weight.

Owners can make a dog fit what they want and it shows. With the last story of my friends in the state of Washington, it shows that there are good owners out there. I do feel as in the case of my friend who got bit, the owner is liable not necessarily the dog because the dog sometimes doesn't know any better.

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