Sunday, October 14, 2012

RUSH Concert Review

September 28, 2012 is a date that I will remember forever.  This is the date I got to see RUSH.  It was an experience that makes you not believe you are in the presence of musicians of such caliber and talent.  Everything I've ever heard about them in concert is so damn true.  They are so amazing that you are just in awe when you watch the magic that happens on stage.  Their brilliant musicianship is great on video and their albums, but you have to experience it live and in person. 

RUSH opened the concert with some classic tunes as expected.  How could you not hear some classic tunes at a RUSH concert?  That would be like going an action movie and not seeing anything blown up, people beaten up, and so on.  Okay, maybe not the best analogy, but you get the point.  Hearing a number of their classics is what most people go to their concert for.  But they also played songs off their new as well.  After all, it is a tour in support of their new album "Clockwork Angels."  So it's expected they'd play a few offerings from that album.  Those songs from that album were pretty good.  But it's the classics everybody want to hear.

Their presence on stage is something that has been crafted through decades of hard work.  They may not do something another band or artist does, but each to their own.  One thing I noticed is that they don't engage in a lot of banter like say Tegan and Sara do.  That's part of what made their show amazing!  But RUSH was amazing in a different way.  Their musicianship is so phenomenal that you have to see it live to be able to appreciate it.  Their mere presence will leave you in awe.

This concert rates very highly among all the concerts I've seen and the genres these concerts fall into.  If I ever get to see them again, I'll be very lucky.  They were amazing in concert and it won't be too soon.  They are just that good.  I'll probably never see another concert like that!  I highly recommend checking them out if you can!