Monday, May 30, 2011

3D Movies And TV - Is It A Ripoff?

This post got is something I started thinking about after seeing a comments on a video on YouTube about theaters being not taking the 3D lens off the projecters in the certain theater chains in the United States.

3D movies have become all the rage in the last number of years.  It's basically a gimmick to get you thinking that it's something different from a 2D movie, which it is in a sense, and to get you to pay more.  Certain theater chains do get you to pay more for 3D movies.  Now, this 3D is not true 3D.  I know for a fact because I've seen true 3D.  Back in 1987 when my family took a trip to California and did the whole Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Sea World, and Universal Studios trip.  We went and saw "Thriller" in 3D and it was something different.  Things popped out at you and you thought you could actually reach out and touch it.  That's what 3D should be.  But unfortunately it's not.

When watching these 3D movies, nothing pops out at you.  Is it worth your money?  Not really.  It's another gimmick to make money as previously mentioned.  But the movie can be absolute shit sometimes in 2D, but people will think it's amazing just for the fact that it's in 3D.  I've a number of films in 3D and some of them were good not because they were 3D, but because of the story itself.  The 3D experience has become overdone and overrated that the uniqueness of it has been lost.  True 3D movies are only done in certain major cities with one being Los Angeles.  If you have the chance to go see a true 3D movie, you will find yourself feeling ripped off at how horrible the mass produced 3D movies are.

Now 3D TV is going to be a fad.  You buy this TV and have 3D glasses.  The glasses themselves cost $800.  You might be thinking that's a bit steep and yes it is.  You can watch the TV in 2D but you have to shut off the 3D option if there one.  Than what's the point in buying a 3D?  You are essentially spending, actually blowing and wasting thousands of dollars for a 3D TV that you don't intend to use for the purpose it was intended for.  Plus how many TV shows and video games are being filmed and created in 3D?  If there is not much aside from movies being created in 3D.  Can you tell me what TV shows are being filmed in 3D?  You can't.  Even some 4D and some 5D stuff is being created.  Once 4D and 5D becomes the big thing than 3D will become obsolete for the most part.

I am not trying to change your opinion.  This is just one man's opinion.  I find that this mass produced 3D is overrated.  If they produced movies in true 3D than it would not be so overrated.  I find that the way it's produced is a ripoff and a waste of money.  I would rather not have to pay the extra money to see something in 3D if possible.  I would rather not waste money on a 3D TV if there is no 3D content being produced on TV.  Finally, what's next, the Internet going 3D?  I wouldn't be surprised if it does.

Friday, May 20, 2011

"Macho Man" Randy Savage Passes Away

It's a sad day in the world of professional wrestling.  Former WWF Champion and WCW World Heavyweight Champion Randy Poffo aka "Macho Man" Randy Savage has passed away.  He suffered a heart attack and lost control of his vehicle.  His wife Lynn was in the car, but she suffered minor injuries.  Earlier this month Randy and Lynn celebrated their first anniversary.

Savage is someone I grew up watching.  His feud with Hulk Hogan, matches with Andre the Giant, feud with Jake "The Snake" Roberts, his time in WCW, his famous WrestleMania III match against Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, and whatnot.  He had the total package.  He was great in the ring and great on the mic.

Hopefully whatever the heat between Savage and Vince McMahon, if there was any, will cease.  All the rumors about Savage and Stephanie McMahon were never proven and will never be proven.  People need to stop spreading rumors about something they know nothing about.

The magnitude of this story is mind boggling.  The fellow professional wrestlers, mixed martial artists, etc. are talking about it.  It's all over the news outlets.  It's crazy how big this story is.  It shows magnitude of Savage and how respected he is.

He will be missed and as NWA Dakota Pro Wrestling put it: "The Macho Man was truly a legend in a business that uses the term way too lightly."

He was 58.  Here is a ten bell salute and theme all in one.

YouTube link

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wedding and Marriage

My good friend Rob is getting married.  The more it draws near, the more excited I get.  I've never been excited for a wedding per se.  But I am for this one.  I don't know why.

Getting married is something you don't enter into lightly and I know Rob and Courtney are doing anything but taking this lightly.  Some people get married out of convenience and think they will just coast through it no problem.  Marriage is never easy and you can't take the attitude that it is.  People need to be serious about it.  If I ever get married, I know I will do with the utmost seriousness and commitment that goes with it.  Marriage isn't something that I will take lightly.  Marriage is traditionally a union between a man and a woman and should not be entered into lightly.  I know that sounds cliche, but it's the truth.

Marriage is a sacred bond between two people and I'm honoured that I get share in this big moment in the life of my good friend Rob and Courtney.  Cheers to my good friend Rob and Courtney.  I know they will have a long and wonderfully blessed life together.  I can't wait.  The ceremony is at 2:00 pm on May 14.  Congratulations to the both of them.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Laying The Votedown!

I laid the votedown this past Monday.  It is the first time I voted.  I am one of those people that feels that you should vote based on who would do the better job and not based on a particular party.  You can like a particular party all you want, but if that particular party is not going to do the best job, than does it make sense to vote for them?  No!  But a lot of people don't vote that way.  It would be in their best interest to look at the issues each party stands for, than make a decision based on what appeals to you.  You would think that most people do that.  But unfortunately they don't.

I'll come out and say that I voted for the NDP.  A big factor in why I voted for them is that they have a good stance on helping families.  I've received criticism for this and that's fine.  But one thing I've criticized Jack Layton for is his cap and trade idea which would add ten cents a litre at the pumps.  Gas is expensive as it is.

Let explain why I like his stance on helping families.  It is because there a lot of families struggling to get by.  Some families work hard and don't have a lot of disposable income to save.  41 percent of our money goes to the government to pay various things.  Sure I get that there are people who like to abuse welfare by staying on it their whole life and not even attempt to find a job.  Welfare never runs out unlike other things like unemployment.  If your source of money never runs out, than why incentive is there to look for work?  My mom has said that people apply for jobs after being on welfare for years and find out working isn't always easy, so they quit their job and go back on welfare.  Like it's been told to me, that if you are an able body, you should be working and I totally agree with that.  Having people on welfare puts on a strain on taxpayers.  It also doesn't make you a productive member of society.  Sure I've had times in my life where I wasn't a productive member of society and I hated it.

Stephen Harper's $100 cheques were sent out in place of all the other programs he cut funding too or stopped.  $100 a month is not going to help people with the of raising a child.  What does Harper expect that everything will instantly become cheaper and everything will work itself out?  $100 a month will not pay for childcare while the mother goes out and works.  Nine times out of ten the women ends up staying home with the children because those $100 checks will force them too because it doesn't do much.  But childcare is just one part of it.  Raising a child isn't cheap, but if you take away or under fund the programs people need even though they are trying to provide for themselves and their child would be doing families or single parents a big disservice.  There are many items in terms of helping people, especially families, that Jack Layton has a stance on that appealed to me which in turn is why I voted for him.

On Facebook, on my friends had a status up and it generated a number of responses.  But a person I know brought up a bit of a far fetched thing where he asked if we should we give these people a new house.  I wouldn't go that far.  But you need to keep programs running smoothly in place and even improve some of them so they are their when families or yourself need them.  That encompasses a lot of things.  Not just for the families.

The one thing I don't like that I mentioned is his cap and trade idea because it adds ten cents a litre at the pumps.  Maybe I don't really understand it.  I've noticed if you don't understand something you hate and bash it.  Maybe it's the fact that I don't understand it which is why I don't like it.  Will this idea eventually reduce gas prices?  Decide for yourself if it's a good idea.

Jack Layton explains the cap and trade from NOW Magazine on Vimeo.

I still may need to know more about it to make a firm decision on whether I truly like or dislike it.  The first impressions were that it would raise gas price upon hearing about this.  But if it in the end reduces the price of gas, than I'm all for it.

In any event, I voted for the first time and probably will vote in the 2015 national election.  As you can tell, I focused on two issues with the NDP and if Jack Layton can somehow draft a way to show the people how cap and trade will help us at the pumps, than he could get more votes next time around.  I would just like to see it's benefits.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Song of the Day #18 - Phil Collins

It's appropriate in a some ways as it is currently raining.  This song is on Phil Collins' album entitled Face Value. Very good album.  Edit: Found the album version as it is now on YouTube.

"The Roof is Leaking" by Phil Collins
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