Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Breaking Laws Of Other Countries

At my place of work, I call people but sometimes get a response that they are jail. This one call I had the person said the person in question was in jail in Mexico. So this got me thinking that if you break the law in another country than you should face the consequences of jail time. I can see if the penalty is really stupid. If it is just jail time than they should face it. Don't call me a heartless bastard as I do understand that their families don't want that. But you should think you should get away with breaking law in other countries.

Here is the thing, there was a Canadian woman who did some stuff in Mexico and spent time in a Mexican jail. Now there was a lot of people who thought she should be released. Others thought she shouldn't be. Now, I do think it's unfortunate that she had to do what she did and get caught. But the fact that is she did it broke laws of another country. This lady pleaded for the Canadian government to step and bring her back to Canada and serve out her time here. Are you serious? Serve here time here? She didn't break any Canadian laws, so why serve time in a Canadian jail?

Then I heard of another guy who broke the law in the United States who had to face jail time there. Now he wanted the Canadian government to help him out. Why should the Canadian government help out this person. It is like he doesn't want to face the fact that he did something wrong in another country. This may give people the wrong idea that you can get out facing your consequences.

If a someone from another country broke the law in Canada, we would want them to pay the penalty. So why should we think that we can away with things in another country. It is different if you are a politic prisoner. You are being jailed for your politic beliefs not breaking the law. IT is also different if you are wrongly imprisoned. Anyways, I am sure a lot of people from different countries are like that. They think that there government should help them out of that situation. So that's why you shouldn't break the law in other countries if you are not willing to do the time. In reality, there is nobody to blame but yourself if you get into such a mess that you break the law of another country.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Saskatoon Zoo

I took my niece to the zoo on Saturday. I haven't been to the zoo in the summer. I have been in the winter. So there was more to see. We first went and saw the bears, than we went and saw the Bengal Tiger cubs. They will be there for a few more weeks before going back. So proceed to make our way to see the black-capped capuchin monkeys. There were two of them. A small one and a bigger one. Well, the bigger one start freaking out and that was crazy. It can scare the living shit out of you. I don't know what I did. I probably prevoked it in someway. My niece thought it was hillarious.

So we kept going and looking at the different animals. We walked past the adults tigers. Allie knew the names of the tigers and bears. We seen some different sheep, goats, yaks, buffalo, and others. We went to the marsh and fed the ducks. I turned around and didn't expect to see a peacock right there that it scared.

So we made our way back towards the Paws Inn Gift Shop and had some lunch. After we finished, my niece wanted to go back to see the capuchins and again that monkey must not like me as it leapped towards the window and tried to swat at it. It was crazy. My niece thought it was funny. Than just before we left was the porcupine that was out of the cage with a handler. It was used to people as it is orphaned.

I will admit that it was fun at the zoo. I should go again before the summer is over.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Taste Of Saskatchewan

So I went on the Friday to the Taste of Saskatchewan. As always the food is good. But the music entertainment was great. Hurricane Cletus was very good, but Cold Filter was awesome. The drummer for Cold Filter was mental. He pounded those drums and was awesome with the two kicks. Unfortunately they had to cut their set because of the lightening. They did do a cover of System of a Down's Toxicity. That was a very good cover. Hurrican Cletus did a good cover of Our Lady Peace's "Star Seed."

It was great because we got soaked watching Cold Filter!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Names Called At Fuddruckers

If you have ever been to Fuddruckers anywhere in the world, than you will know that they ask for a name to be called when your order is ready. Here are some of the funniest names I have heard being called:

Tinker Bell
Rico Suave
The Seven Dwarfs - Dopey, Sneezy, Grumpy, Bashful, Doc, Sleepy, Happy (You can even ask my sister)

I have thought about using an alias or a fake name. But I never have. Just thought I would share that with you.

Friday, July 11, 2008


"If homosexuality is a diease, than why don't I call in queer to work?"

That is what I read on a button of one of one my co-workers. She is gay. We then got to talking. She was telling me what is going on at her apartment. She wasn't in the best of moods. At the end of it all she thanked me for listening. Now that brings me into the topic at hand.

Listening, that is one of the most simple yet caring things a person can do. Sometimes all you can do is listen. It may seem like you are not doing anything, but in the big scheme thing of things, you are doing something to someone.

Even if you are not saying anything doesn't mean you are not listening. I used think that if people weren't saying anything that they weren't listening. But now I realize that no true. Saying nothing is at better than saying too much and saying the wrong thing. Sometimes the latter can happen. But that's another post for another time.

What am I getting at? Maybe it's the practice the art of listening. Sometimes it can be your best friend or your worst enemy for that matter. What do I mean by worst enemy? Well, I guess it's the fact that I should pay attention to people who are telling me stuff because there have been times people have told me stuff that I didn't hear.

So try listening to people. You just might be better off for it. I guess I better eat my own words because I should practice what I preach.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Phrase "Thank You"

I have been recently thinking about the phrase thank you. It seems to me that at work I say it a lot and at times it doesn't have that much meaning as it should. But other times I does have meaning. Now since I say it at work a lot, it has been something I say in everyday life. Even if I get no response from the person I say it to I still say it. Sure I would a like a response, but I am not necessarily looking for that response. It's not like I am saying it out of vanity or something.

For instance if I go to store I will say thank you for servicing me or helping in anyway they could. I am sure they are not expecting it, but isn't good to know that someone appreciates what they did for them? It sure wouldn't hurt if more people said thank you.

I am reminded of what one of my teachers at Covenant Bible College Todd Slechta had to say on this in class. He said that he would try and say thank you everytime he could and that he taught his children to say thank you as well. He than told us a story about how at a gas station he said thank you to the gas station attendant for doing his job. That person was surprised that Todd said thank you as he didn't know what to say. Todd made a very good point that people don't what to say when someone says thank you to them.

Looking back on it, Todd was so right. I don't get a response for whatever reason. I do agree with Todd that people may not know how to react when they are told thank you. For a long time I would say something like "no problem", "not a problem", "you bet" or something along those lines. In a sense that could be the same as saying you're welcome. Some people don't even say that.

I guess we have become a society that doesn't say thank you nearly enough in a lot of situations of everyday life. We do have the power to change that. Take the time to say thank you. You maybe better for it.