Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Phrase "Thank You"

I have been recently thinking about the phrase thank you. It seems to me that at work I say it a lot and at times it doesn't have that much meaning as it should. But other times I does have meaning. Now since I say it at work a lot, it has been something I say in everyday life. Even if I get no response from the person I say it to I still say it. Sure I would a like a response, but I am not necessarily looking for that response. It's not like I am saying it out of vanity or something.

For instance if I go to store I will say thank you for servicing me or helping in anyway they could. I am sure they are not expecting it, but isn't good to know that someone appreciates what they did for them? It sure wouldn't hurt if more people said thank you.

I am reminded of what one of my teachers at Covenant Bible College Todd Slechta had to say on this in class. He said that he would try and say thank you everytime he could and that he taught his children to say thank you as well. He than told us a story about how at a gas station he said thank you to the gas station attendant for doing his job. That person was surprised that Todd said thank you as he didn't know what to say. Todd made a very good point that people don't what to say when someone says thank you to them.

Looking back on it, Todd was so right. I don't get a response for whatever reason. I do agree with Todd that people may not know how to react when they are told thank you. For a long time I would say something like "no problem", "not a problem", "you bet" or something along those lines. In a sense that could be the same as saying you're welcome. Some people don't even say that.

I guess we have become a society that doesn't say thank you nearly enough in a lot of situations of everyday life. We do have the power to change that. Take the time to say thank you. You maybe better for it.

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