Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Breaking Laws Of Other Countries

At my place of work, I call people but sometimes get a response that they are jail. This one call I had the person said the person in question was in jail in Mexico. So this got me thinking that if you break the law in another country than you should face the consequences of jail time. I can see if the penalty is really stupid. If it is just jail time than they should face it. Don't call me a heartless bastard as I do understand that their families don't want that. But you should think you should get away with breaking law in other countries.

Here is the thing, there was a Canadian woman who did some stuff in Mexico and spent time in a Mexican jail. Now there was a lot of people who thought she should be released. Others thought she shouldn't be. Now, I do think it's unfortunate that she had to do what she did and get caught. But the fact that is she did it broke laws of another country. This lady pleaded for the Canadian government to step and bring her back to Canada and serve out her time here. Are you serious? Serve here time here? She didn't break any Canadian laws, so why serve time in a Canadian jail?

Then I heard of another guy who broke the law in the United States who had to face jail time there. Now he wanted the Canadian government to help him out. Why should the Canadian government help out this person. It is like he doesn't want to face the fact that he did something wrong in another country. This may give people the wrong idea that you can get out facing your consequences.

If a someone from another country broke the law in Canada, we would want them to pay the penalty. So why should we think that we can away with things in another country. It is different if you are a politic prisoner. You are being jailed for your politic beliefs not breaking the law. IT is also different if you are wrongly imprisoned. Anyways, I am sure a lot of people from different countries are like that. They think that there government should help them out of that situation. So that's why you shouldn't break the law in other countries if you are not willing to do the time. In reality, there is nobody to blame but yourself if you get into such a mess that you break the law of another country.

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