Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Fringe Festival

So I went to the Fringe on Saturday. I gave my niece two choices and that was to either go to the Fringe or go to the movies. She picked the Fringe. I was wanting to go to the Fringe. It was good. The acts I saw were pretty funny. Thing I don't get is how they can make a living doing what they do. I guess I will never understand.

My niece volunteered in one of the acts. It was a magician. All she had to was stand there and answer questions while the magician did his act. It was actually quite funny. The magician ask what kind of balloon animal she wanted and she said an elephant. But it ended up being a dog because it was the only thing he could make. You had to see it to get the full effect. Than he pulled out five dollars and asked my niece what she would rather have. Either the money or the balloon animal. The magician than has three balls under a hat. He made it seem like there were no balls under the hat. So he asked my niece Allie how many balls were under the hat. She said none, but they were under there. He said: "You lose, go back and sit down." But Allie got the money and the balloon animal.

It was nice hot day as well. Anytime you are in Saskatoon during The Fringe, you should go.

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