Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saskatoon FolkFest 2008

On Friday and Saturday I went to FolkFest. There were some good pavillions, but than there were some that weren't as good. The ones I went to anyways.

So Friday my sister came down from Prince Albert for the weekend and we went to a few pavillions. First we went to the pavillions at the Exhibition. We went to the Ukrainian pavillion first and looked around. It was pretty good. But the Phillippian pavillion was really good as they shown their style of martial arts. Some parts of it were self-defense based which was cool. Than there was a little bit of their dance. We made our way to the Afro-Carribean pavillion. It was cool, the limbo guy was pretty good. He did pretty good going that low. Part of the bar was put on fire for the two lowest rungs (for a lack of a better word). There was a hand drum, but it was $60.00. I didn't want to spend that much. We than went to the Scottish pavillion and there was a baby kilt. My sister said she would go the next day to buy it. The place at the Exhibition we went to is the Greek pavillion. That one was not as good as it could have been. The hall it was in was too big for the amount of stuff in it. We stopped by the Asia-Pacific pavillion. There was a mah jong demonstration which was cool. They demonstrated a Japanses tea ceremony. I tried out their yo-yo's which was pretty cool. The last pavillion I went to with my sister was at the Legion. It was a tribute to the veterans since there is no Canada Remembers Air Show this year. It wasn't related t any specific culture. I went to the Irish pavillion by myself. It was alright I guess. I got a hat with clovers on it. I gave it to my nephew.

On Saturday I went to a few other pavillions. The first one I went to was the Norweigan pavillion. My sister wanted a viking hat so I bought her one. I went back to the Exhibition and went to the Scottish pavillion and bought a red baby kilt for my niece. Than I went back to the Phillippian pavillion and the dance routine they did was very good. I than ventured to the German pavillion a little ways out of town. The food was sooo good. Pork on a bun, schnitzel, and bratwurst. They didn't have a hat in my size. I also saw a girl I went to college with there. I went to the Hispanic pavillion. It wasn't that great either. There was no entertainment when I got there. So I looked around than left. I stumbled upon the Jewish pavillion by accident, but it wasn't open until later. So I than left and went to the Brazillian pavillion. It was decent, dancing was mostly Latino except for one. I saw a guy who I used to work with tell me that. I asked that if it is Latino than why not have it at the Hispanic pavillion? The last pavillion I went to was the India pavillion. There dance was routine they did was very good. The mango shake wasn't bad either. In fact it was pretty good.

My first time at FolkFest. There were a few pavillions I didn't go to like the Indian/Metis (there was no parking), Jewish, and Peruvian ones. There are a few pavillions they should have like Italian, Russian, French. I am sure you can find those people.

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