Monday, April 25, 2011

Over Thinking, Anaylzing, Criticizing, and Emotions

I often wonder and think about stuff whether it's about stuff I'm interested in or whether it's about my faith or people (in my life or what have you).  At times I over think and I over analyze certain things.  You might say that I consciously think and you may say that is a good thing.  But I truly have a hard time believing that.  It gets me in these moods.  I don't like getting in these moods.  If you read my posts from last summer than you would know what I am talking about in terms of these moods.  I think when I'm bored, can't sleep, at work, etc..  I try to have things that occupy my mind so I don't get into over thinking.  But I still do.

I talked about this with my friend Mark on Skype yesterday and he can totally relate to where I'm coming from.  He said that certain people, especially females don't like it when you analyze everything.  I've never thought about that before and it actually does make sense.  Looking back at talking with my one friend, I can totally see now that I analyzed a lot of stuff.  I told my friend on Skype that I need to change this.  I also find that my over analyzing of stuff is a way of me being honest.  I even over analyze stuff in my head and it ends up at times spilling over into my conversations.  That is something I need to be more conscious of when I talk to people.  Especially friends that is.

Another thing that my friend said on Skype is that he noticed I tend to give criticism before praise.  I've never noticed that about myself.  But everybody has something they don't notice about themselves.  Everybody criticizes, but some people do it more than others.  Maybe because I don't notice it, I don't know how often I do it.  I told him that I do need to work on this as well.  I guess need to find a healthy balance between  criticism and praise.  With a bit of effort, I hopefully will be able to do this.  He said that people react in the opposite way than you thought when you criticized them.  I've noticed that too.  So as I said, I need to find a balance between criticism and praise.

I told my friend on Skype that sometimes I wish I was a Stoic.  But it's hard to not think emotionally.  It's easier said than done to not to.  He said he feels that way at times, but even when he feels indifferent he feels everything is meaningless.  I'm not always able to think or act logically because it's easier to wallow in emotions than it is logic.  Logic takes effort in a different way than emotions do.  Logic can make you do what's best or what's right.  Emotions can be make you do something on impulse.  If I didn't have the ability to feel emotions, than I wouldn't feel strongly as I do about certain things or certain people.  But such as it is...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The "Rated R Superstar" Edge Retires

This past Monday on Raw, Edge made the announcement that he is retiring.  It was doctors orders that he retire due to his physical well being.  You can see his speech from Raw with the following video:

YouTube link

I have had time to process and think about his retirement.  I must say that after looking back on his career in the WWF/WWE, he worked his ass off to entertain the fans, to try to put on good matches, and everything else that comes with being in the WWF/WWE.  He at times was one of the most loved or one of the most hated wrestlers.  But in the end, he will go down as a legend.

Even if you don't necessarily like Edge, you have to admit that he gave it his all.  He sacrificed his body for the love of the business and that is what I respect.  He never necessarily did it because he thought he would be the WWE and or World Heavyweight Champion.  Sure it's a goal and dream to become that one day, but not everybody get to hold one of those titles in their career.  To someone who went the extra mile to entertain his fans, becoming the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships respectively was a way of thanking him for his hard work.  Some guys get their respective spots by pulling politics, but I can say that Edge has truly earned his spot.  That is something I can also respect.  But the days of earning your spot is dead.  Well at least in the mainstream.

Edge has had some good feuds, good promos, good quotes (check my quotes blog), and just all great.  He wanted to finish his career in the WWE so he didn't have to start over in another promotion.  He got his wish and went out on top.  Sure it was sooner than everyone expected, but it was expected he was going to retire in the next year or two anyways.  At least he is not going to have to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.  Plus his body will fill a lot better due to not having to wrestle everyday.  Other wrestlers with banged up bodies like Mick Foley have said they felt a lot better by not having to wrestle all the time.

Edge's speech itself was filled with emotion.  You could see that even though it was best for him, he didn't want to have to retire.  He also felt a sense of relief that for the first time in a long time, he doesn't have to put on his ring attire and work.  He just loved what he did and it showed during his speech.

Even though he is not working anymore, he is financially set for life.  He was smart with his money and paid off his house.  He won't have to worry about money as he will have royalties from merchandise with his name and likeness on it.

Edge will missed and I thank him for years in the business.  He is one of my all-time favourite wrestlers and a future Hall of Famer definitely.  Once again... THANK YOU EDGE!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Music, Music, Music

Music has been a big part of my life and as I've grown up I've tried to be open minded to different genres and artists.  But growing up it was a bit harder to do.  With that being said, the value of music has never diminished for me.  Sure I grew up listening to a lot of mainstream music because of the radio stations that were in my hometown and of course MuchMusic.  It was harder to find less mainstream music.  At least that's what it was like in my experience growing up.  I was able to find some, but not as much as I would have liked.  Different parts of my life growing I've come to realize now that these artists I am fan of like Johnny Cash.  I grew with Johnny Cash and listening to "American IV: The Man Comes Around" in college made a fan of his.

Going to Covenant Bible College (CBC), it was time where I was exposed to a lot of different music.  Not necessarily liking it all.  But I was able to actually get in some artists that I've heard very little from.  I was able to get into Dream Theater, John Mayer, Alice in Chains, and System of a Down to name some of the bigger ones.  I was able to find such artists like DragonForce and MercyMe to name a couple off the top of my head.  That time at CBC was a good time to discover different music.

As the Internet has become an increasingly more popular way to distribute your music, it's become a great way to discover new artists.  Through the Internet, I've been able to discover some awesomely talented and great artists like Jack Conte, Nataly Dawn, Pomplamoose, Freedom Call, Julia Nunes to name some.  You can use YouTube, Facebook, Myspace (if you still use it), Band Camp, and other websites to discover music.  I've been fortunate to discover great music through Internet.  People like to complain about mainstream music, but with access to the Internet, you should be finding new music that isn't mainstream.  The Internet has even allowed people to have music careers without going through the traditional way in music.  Take Jack Conte for instance, he has been able to make a living off of selling MP3s, YouTube, iTunes, and where ever else he is able to sell his and produce music online.  The Internet is a valuable tool for music.

But with how I discover music whether it be through word of mouth, people, TV, radio, Internet, etc..  I will value the place music has in my life.  I will always love music!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Home Stretch of Lent

I am on the home stretch of Lent with under ten days to go.  I've really haven't had much to update you on.  Although on day 19 I had a craving for ice cream, but I didn't give in.  On day 26, they had ice cream at the church, but I didn't give in.  Will power prevailed that day.

To paraphrase what someone posted on Facebook that he was told by someone that you shouldn't give up something what you shouldn't already have.  Now I get what is being said, but if what you shouldn't be having is something we have to deal with?  Even though I understand the basis of it, it seems like if you don't know the individual reason for that person giving up that thing.

Take me for example, I am giving up junk food like chips, chocolate bars, candies, ice cream, and related stuff.  I know I shouldn't have it, but it is something I've had to deal with for years.  So saying you shouldn't give up something you shouldn't have is easy for you to say if you don't a problem with that certain thing.  It's something I have to deal with.  So giving up junk food and going the entire length of Lent without it is a victory for me.  It proves that it's slowly becoming not such a big thing for.

If you don't practice Christianity, just give up something for 40 days and see how it turns out for you in the end.  It's a great test to see if you can handle being without it.  This is the second time I've proven I can go without it.  So I know I can.  Can you?

Here is to the home stretch of Lent.  I know I can make it!   I can do this!