Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Home Stretch of Lent

I am on the home stretch of Lent with under ten days to go.  I've really haven't had much to update you on.  Although on day 19 I had a craving for ice cream, but I didn't give in.  On day 26, they had ice cream at the church, but I didn't give in.  Will power prevailed that day.

To paraphrase what someone posted on Facebook that he was told by someone that you shouldn't give up something what you shouldn't already have.  Now I get what is being said, but if what you shouldn't be having is something we have to deal with?  Even though I understand the basis of it, it seems like if you don't know the individual reason for that person giving up that thing.

Take me for example, I am giving up junk food like chips, chocolate bars, candies, ice cream, and related stuff.  I know I shouldn't have it, but it is something I've had to deal with for years.  So saying you shouldn't give up something you shouldn't have is easy for you to say if you don't a problem with that certain thing.  It's something I have to deal with.  So giving up junk food and going the entire length of Lent without it is a victory for me.  It proves that it's slowly becoming not such a big thing for.

If you don't practice Christianity, just give up something for 40 days and see how it turns out for you in the end.  It's a great test to see if you can handle being without it.  This is the second time I've proven I can go without it.  So I know I can.  Can you?

Here is to the home stretch of Lent.  I know I can make it!   I can do this!


  1. Fantastic! Absolutely you can do this! I love your optimism and determination:) I don't think it's about what we give up, per se, but about our attitude in connection with it, what our deepest intention is.

    And, in one sense, regardless of our intention, going without something we desire for 40 days offers us a lot more self-confidence to actually make these kinds of positive changes in our lives permanent and habitual.

    I offer you 'mad props' for having the courage and discipline to face your desires and overcome them. That is something that would benefit us all:)

    See you next month at Rob's wedding!

  2. I know I can do it. I just use that as way to see the finish. It's also about the walk in your faith too. Giving up something is apart of Lent. But it can't be just about the giving up of that item or thing. If you get nothing out of it, than it's all for not.

    I will see you there!


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