Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ugh, Females Sometimes

On November 10, I was texted by a now former friend.  She asked why I haven't talked to her in months.  She goes on saying, "Are we no longer friends?  I can stop texting you if that's what you want..." I told her that she doesn't talk to me.  But she was making the first step to say hi.  I mean she only talks to me when she needs something. This always leads to bullshit which falls to the wayside and we go on as normal.  But yesterday was proverbial straw that broke the camel's back.  She asked if I wanted to come over and watch the Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. British Columbia Lions game as she asked where I was watching it.  I told her I wasn't in the mood to go anywhere.  She keep texting me and saying "awe," "please."  She wanted company.  Yet the kind of company I want is vastly different than the kind she wants.  Even if I did go over to her place, the game would have been half over.  She didn't see anything wrong with that.  I was fine and content to watch the game at home.  No matter how much she tried, I didn't go.

It goes on from there with her saying I never ask to hang out.  But whenever I do, she says "okay, we should go for coffee" or whatever, nothing ever happens.  She denied that she ever said that.  That's fine, she can deny it all she wants.  She further gets pissy saying, "bye, bye, I'm done."  She deleted me from Facebook like it would hurt my feelings.  She isn't the first one and won't be the last.  I told her that she treats me like a boyfriend even though I'm not.  She thinks there is nothing wrong with doing that.  She thinks there is nothing wrong with friend zoning someone.  You know what, I say, screw that.  She wouldn't take it if some guy friend zoned her.  So why should I have to?  She thinks it better to treat someone like a boyfriend than a stranger.  Saying that makes being friend zoned soooo much better...  The fact of the matter is that treating a person like boyfriend without the relationship is not what a friend does.

It likes she owes nobody anything.  She is so ungrateful and she doesn't even realize it.  I've bent over backwards for her in the past and she doesn't even bother to do something for someone else.  But she said I was glad I'm gone, but the irony is she all wanting me to come over.  It's like she doesn't want to admit that she actually wants me or she wouldn't beg me to come over.  She always likes to deny things because she is too good to admit anything.  By the end of that texting session she wanted to stop texting her, but another irony is she texted me first.

Why do some females have to act so immature and bratty?  It's like they can't go through life without acting the way they do.  This person acts like I have to revolve my life around her.  In fact, this summer she got pissy because I went to the Saskatoon Ex to see Great Big Sea and I didn't invite her.  So she wanted to go see Burton Cummings the next day.  So I agreed, but than bailed because "his music sucks."  Than on the Sunday she wanted to go the car derby and said it would just be the two of us.  I reluctantly said okay.  Than I got pissed because she couldn't even have waited for me to find a place to sit.  Than she said her friend, that she talks shit about, came which she said nothing about.  She lied to me saying she told me that her friend was coming.  I called her on it, but she denied it.  I told her she owed me the price of admission to the Ex on that Sunday after pulling that shit.  But knowing her, she never swallow her pride and do the right thing.  She expects everyone to bend over backwards for her, but it doesn't apply to her.

She doesn't get her boyfriend to do what she tries to get me to do.  I don't like to wish ill will on anybody's relationships, but I hope she doesn't end up like this in her current relationship or it will end before she knows it..  She got what she wanted.  She wanted a boyfriend (he makes decent coin), wanted another child which she got, among other things.  But she posts on Facebook like she is an ungrateful spoiled brat.  She posted a status saying she wanted something more.  She isn't content and if what she isn't leaving her content, than she'll wind up alone and not by choice.  She has told me a lot of things and she told she'd date someone who is 19 or 20 if they had everything she wants like a house, money, and whatnot.  She wants to not make any effort to make a life for herself and be an independent person.  She wants to latch on to someone who has made a life for themselves.

My friend Mark asked me why I don't go for a person who is independent.  I told him that I tried that and here I am.  I'm still in the same situation relationship wise.  Females say they want a nice guy, but they treat them like shit.  It's proof that females keep going back to the guy that keeps treating them like shit, than they wonder why they never have any good relationships.  Don't come crying and bitching to me about your relationships when you won't even go for a guy who truly likes you because after a while you turn some of the nice guys you want into jerks, assholes, etc. because they had enough of your bullshit.  It's nobody's fault, but their own.

The old adage of "do unto others as the would do to you" rings very true.  But in the case of this ex-friend, she'd rather get the milk without buying the cow which is sad.