Saturday, December 31, 2005

What I Got For Christmas

This is just a list of what I got for Christmas.

Pez Puzzle- 100 pieces
One Pez from the Bratz set
One Pez from the Chicken Little set
Zest Bodywash
Adidas Bodywash
Body spray
Brian Doerksen Live in Europe CD
Marks Work Warehouse gift card
A jug of winsheild washer fluid
A flashlight that doesn't require batteries
A Kit Kat
A Kit Kat Chunky
A Box of Smarties
A towel with my name on it
A lot of shaving cream
A bunch of deodorant
A personal pack- Shampoo, toothpaste, gum, shaving gel, etc.
3 shirts
Hair gel

That is all. Have a happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

My Christmas And New Years

It has been awhile since I have updated my blog. l I really haven't had much to post on. Well... nothing that would come to me anyways. I am here to say that I am back updating my blog hopefully on a regular basis. With that being said, time to get onto what I am going to post about.

My Christmas was pretty cool. I got to spend time with family and friends which is the most important thing during the holiday season. But I should start from the begining.

Well the first weekend in December I went down to Saskatoon to see my baby nephew Bryson. The drive down was slow and steady as the snow was flying like you wouldn't believe. Then at about Rosthern the snow stopped falling and I could cruise nicely to Saskatoon. While there in Saskatoon, I did some Christmas shopping for my one sister, my niece Allie, and my nephew Brennan. I was thinking at that time that I hopefully would not feel the crunch Christmas financially. In any event I got some shopping done down there. Then on the Monday when I came home, I did a bit more Christmas shopping.

My Christmas party with work was at the Exhibition Center on December 9th. It was the small business Christmas party with live entertainment. I saw Mark's mom and step dad there and some other people I knew. Anyways, the food was good as usual. Here is the part of this part of the story which is cool. I noticed on stage that the lead guitarist had a combo mandalin and electric guitar. Now I thought to myself, hmmmm... that looks a lot like the one that my friend Matthew Kent made. So I asked the guy on their set break and he confirmed that my friend Matt did infact make. He also said that Matt is a great guitar tech. I was so stoked. My friend Matt's very small guitar company is called Viking Guitars.

I went to St. David's Anglican Church's Lessons and Carols Service. It was on Sunday the 11th of December. It was a good service. Plus they had a nice spread of food after it.

After that nothing much happend except work and Christmas shopping. I must say that Christmas shopping was slowly draining me of my money. Boy, would a better paying job come in handy. But that's another blog for another time. Anyways, then Sunday the 18th of December came along and it was the family gift exchange. But earlier in the day I made some snack like items to bring out so people could snack. Anyways, we had to bring a five dollar gift and we would exhange it in a Chinese gift exchange type way where we would get to steal someone else's gift. My uncle Lyle stole my gift. It was a good gift at that. Curses you uncle Lyle. I ended up with this candle snuffer. I thought "pfffft, I am never going to use this." Luckily my sister was nice enough to trade me her Lindor chocolate for the candle snuffer. A big thanks to my dad's girlfriend Ros for getting my gift for the gift exchange. I should say that there was a lot of food. If you know my family then you will know that my family can put on a spread. The food was awesome. I can just taste those chicken wings my dad's girlfriend Ros made.

Later on in the week I finished my Christmas shopping. That finished me off financially. I became broke. Its sad having a job and not having money. But that's a blog post for another time.

Then on the following Friday, the 23rd of December, my sister came up with her three kids for Christmas. Nothing much else happened that day. Then on Christmas Eve, I went to St. David's for their Christmas Eve service. Then I went to my sister's place to bring out some of the gifts home. My sister Heather would bring out the rest. My sister who came up from Saskatoon was staying out at the farm. So then on Christmas Day, we opened some gifts at the farm. Then my sisters and I went and had Christmas dinner with my mom and her boyfriend Ron at his house. I must say that the meal was great. Then after we ate, we then opened gifts.

Then my sisters and I went to my auntie Janet's for supper. More food! Another great meal capped off by some great dessert. All my family was there except for my cousin, her husband, and three step kids. Her mother, father, bother, and his girlfriend came later though. But it was all good.

The next day I went to my dad's friends place for boxing day. They do it every year. A lot of people bring their sleds. I don't mean tobboggans either. Anyways, there was a lot of food to snack on. Then the meal was a good as well. Man was I stuffed. After awhile, you kind of get sick of eating so much food.

For New Years Eve, I don't know what I am doing yet. I might crash the youth group party at Gateway Covenant Church. That is the church I go to. Well, I might unless I find something else to do. Then on New Years Day, more food. Sensing a trend? Anyways, I will go to my auntie Merle's for New Years Day. The family will be there of course.

So that is basically all you need to know. I know, I know, it may seem like a lot but in reality its not so much. Anyways, have a safe and happy New Years.