Saturday, June 25, 2016

Summit Fun Run - The First Time

This past Saturday on June 18th, I participated in the Summit Fun Run in my hometown of Prince Albert.  This was the first time I ever did something like this.  I was told by my cousin earlier in the year that I should enter something like this.  I wasn't sure I should.  I never really thought about it.  Walking a section of the Rotary Trail many times, I always saw a banner on the fence of some person's place about the Summit Fun Run.  I never gave any thought to entering.  I knew about it, but that was it.  Than I talked to my sister Heather and she suggested I should enter the family or 2k distances with her oldest daughter, my niece, Kaylee.  That didn't happen.

I decided on Friday the 17th to enter the Summit Fun Run.  I walk a lot or I have been since December due to my new lifestyle because of my diabetes I was diagnosed with.  Since the weather has been so nice this spring and into this summer, I have been walking the Rotary Trail.  I am able to walk well over half of it.  There has been a few times I have walked over 10k of it.  With being able to do well over half the Rotary Trail, I signed up for the 10k.  I knew that it would be tough.  But as I said in Instagram comments of a picture of mine, I need to do something more than what I usually do in terms of walking.  10k was exactly that.

I was not the fastest, but that is not what mattered. My time compared to others is not what mattered.  It was personal for me. It was about doing it for myself.

Walked for a little ways with two amazing older ladies. I told them about my health issues and they were encouraging about keeping a good pace. They've been doing this for ten years. In fact passing people on the 10k and even people watching gave a word encouragement or cheered. Some emotional moments for me as I walked.

The run/walking community are some of the most supportive people. Amazing!

 I checked the times and I officially clocked in at 1:38:45 or so.  I don't usually keep track of my times.  Now I will try and keep track of my times to see if I am getting any faster.  That is more a personal thing for me than anything.  Today, June 25th, I walked a 12.5k.  I was able to shave nine minutes off my 10k.  I ended up with a time of 1:29:26.  I had some decent intervals.  My intervals were every 2.5k. 

1. 00:23:36
2. 00:38:06
3. 01:04:08
4. 01:29:26

As I train and work at my times, I will shave off more time.  That is inevitable.  I would like to find a walking/running group to join or possibly start one.  If not, it is all good.  I will continue to push myself regardless.  I am going to work at this and I will need to do it in the winter as well.  No off season as they say.  Let's see how this goes.  It will be interesting for sure.

Thanks for all your positive vibes last week.  I truly appreciate it.  Much love!