Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Russell Peters Show Review

On September 30, 2012, I got to see someone in concert that I've been a fan of since I was in elementary school.  The man I'm talking about is Canadian comedian of Indian descent.  I've always missed him when he has come through town before. So I had to go see him.  He didn't disappoint at all.  But I knew wouldn't.

Russell Peters delivered his brand of comedy.  He does the ethnic jokes.  That's what he has built his career on.  Sure he does some sexual jokes and whatnot.  But ethnic jokes are his foray.  I know it's not everybody's thing.  But he is good at these style of jokes.  I personally like them.

Peters did his a lot of stuff I've never heard which is refreshing.  I've heard him do a lot of the same stuff whether it is on some TV specials or just other clips I've seen.  He did a routine on his dad.  What would be a Russell Peters show without a bit on his dad.  The one routine he did, he slightly changed from his "Green Card Tour" DVD.  Instead of duck, he did an alarm clock.

His opening act  was Felipe Esparza.  He won Last Comic Standing 2010.  I didn't find him that funny at all.  He had the odd funny bits, but nothing that I would go out and really recommend to people.  A lot of people there liked him and that's fine.  But he didn't do anything for me at all.  He was just filler until Russel Peters did his set.

Overall, the show was great.  It was mainly because of Russell Peters.   He was so good.  I would go see him again the next time he comes through.  Well, at least I hope I can.

After the show, I got to meet Russell Peters.  I walked up to a black dude in his entourage and asked where I can get the book signed.  So he told  me where to stand and I went with the rest of the people to the room where we were meeting him,  He signed the book of his I bought which I have yet to read.  He wrote "stay brown."  I got a picture with him.  So awesome and a dream fulfilled to have met him.  I also said to him that the difference the last joke he did at the show and on the "Green Card Tour" DVD.  He had to think for a moment and said "oh yeah."  I also said I was holding up the book and Russell said he noticed.  I was in a state of "I can't believe that happened" after meeting him.  I was nervous before meeting him.  But this couple from Edmonton said to calm down and I did.  My friend Mark didn't believe me that I was going to meet him.  But I did!

This put a cap on an awesome weekend.  Something I'll never forget.  I know this took a while, but here it is!