Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Was In Saskatoon Over The Weekend!

I was in Saskatoon over the weekend. I left on Saturday for my sisters place.

Sunday I had Easter dinner (which is at noon for us Canadians). Then I rented a movie on Sunday. I rented "Ladder 49." I think "Ladder 49" is a good movie.

On Monday I babysat my 4 year old nephew. I took him to McDonalds. Then we went to the mall. After that I took to Mac's to get a slush and some chips. Then we went back to the apartment.

Then on Tuesday I came home.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Became A Wrestling Forums Mod At!

After waiting and posting, it finally happened. I became a mod of the Wrestling Forums on the Venue, forums. I have been going and posting there regularly. I have been trying to do things to interest the posters of the Venue. So today marks the start of my reign as a mod.

Oh and congratulations goes out to fellow Prince Albert resident Christen for becoming a mod of the Non-Wrestling Forums. I hope you do a good job. I certainly hope I do.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Bought Two New DVD's

Yesterday I bought two new DVD's. They are the lastest in my growing wrestling DVD collection. The two are:

The History of Wrestlemania: I - IX: 1985- 1993
WWE Presents: BloodBath- Wrestling's Most Incredible Steel Cage Matches.

I also have in my collection:

The Stone Cold Truth
Wrestlemania XX
2004 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
Vengence '04
Shawn Michaels: Boyhood Dream
Unforgiven '04

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

March 5th Was A Busy Day

March 5th was busy day for me. First I had to go to a funeral in the afternoon. My great-great auntie Blanche died. She was 99 years old. The funeral was small and short. But it served its purpose. I will always remember going over to her house when I was a little kid for tea. That was some good times.

Now in the evening I had help finish setting up for my dad's birthday party. He turned 50, well officially on March 6th he turned 50. But we a big party for him at his friends place. Friends, family and a few co-workers were there. My uncle Harvey made a power point presentation which was cool. He did a really good job.

So as you can see March 5th was a busy day for me.