Monday, January 30, 2017

Gym Day 1: The First Step

Today was the first step in reclaiming my health.  My friend Shannon urged me to go to the gym at the Lawson Civic Centre.  I do have a temporary pass as I am waiting for my official pass.  It was a cardio evening.  Shannon signed us up for a 45 minute areobics class.  It was intense.  At least for me anyways.  It was something I've never done before.  Would I do it again?  I don't know.  It is something that I will have to think about.

I followed that up with 20 minutes on the treadmill.  I don't usually walk treadmills.  I am more of an outside walker.  That's what I did last winter, spring, and early summer.  I was up to 12.5 kms a week.  I need to get back to a decent amount of walking outside.  After that I did 30 minutes on the bike.  I haven't been on a stationary bike in a long time.

Did I overdo it?  There is a case for that.  I will have to do less until I get stronger.  The old adage is "less is more."  I am feeling it.  I am sore.  I will eventually overcome.  That's part of reclaiming my health.

Since coming back to Saskatoon, I've reverted back to my old lifestyle.  I've become lazy again.  I had this plan that I was going to continue my positive lifestyle.  That was a lie.  I was gung-ho.  But in the end, I did nothing.  It has crept up on me and I would be paying for it if I didn't make a change.  If you have relatively good health, don't take that for granted.  Don't think you are bulletproof.  Your health could take a turn and it is not fun.  So keep your health while you have it.

I was careless and it put me in the hospital for ten days in late 2015.  I was careless again and now I need to take this seriously.  I have had a great support system.  Aside from Shannon, I've had my sister Heather, a very good friend in Mark Jensen, someone who prays for me almost daily in Maurice Hilderman, and Cam Zoller, which might not be much, for his nuggets of wisdom.  I thank them for being a close knit support system even when I haven't been at my best.  I am truly blessed to know a lot of people, especially nurses, who are or have been in medical profession.

This is day one.  This is the first step.  Join me in my journey in reclaiming my health.