Thursday, October 22, 2009

Not A Saint

Yesterday I was playing around on a song I written like two years ago in college. It is entitled "Am I A Saint?" Now if anybody remembers, I wrote that song based off a passage in the Bible. Now, for the life me, I can't find that passage. It is in the New Testament. I am just paraphrasing, but it is basically says that you are a saint for believing.

I got to thinking that I am not a saint. I have always felt this way about it. When you think of saints you think of one of the newest saints and that is Mother Teresa. What did I do to deserve being called a saint? Again just believing is apparently what I did to deserved being called a saint.

When you look at saints, you see they have something to deserve the honour of being called a saint. For instance Mother Theresa went all over the world to help the lowliest of the low and tried to make life better for people who didn't have that much. I haven't do half as much as other people.

If you look throughout history, there are people who are more worthy of the title of saint. Take William Wilberforce for instance. Sure he is not a true ordained saint, but he did stuff that makes him look like a saint. For instance, he got slavery abolish in England (some of you might that isn't anything special, but it is), was a politician that fought for the rights of all, and was an Evangelical Anglican. You might think that Wilberforce didn't do anything amazing, but there are probably a lot of stuff he did that a good portion of people don't know about. I recommend you watching the movie "Amazing Grace." It it based on true stories and real events and one of the characters in the movie is William Wilberforce. I am proud to call myself Anglican because of Wilberforce, but that's another blog post for another time. But the point is that in the movie "Amazing Grace" you see Wilberforce work to abolish slavery which is no small task. He was an amazing man that is deserving of being called a saint more so than myself.

Another reason I don't think I'm a saint is because is because when you think of the word saint, you think of this perfect person. I am the furthest thing from perfect. Maybe I am generalizing the term saints. But they give off this allure of perfection which in some way I can't comprehend or measure up.

I am just trying to wrap my head about the fact that simply believing makes all the difference in terms of being a saint, yet there are a lot of more people in this world who have done more things, and deserve the title of saint.

I just need some direction about where to go with this. I guess its good revisit this and just see where I am on this. But it seems I am exactly where I am on this where I was two years ago.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Pomplamoose, Jack Conte, And Nataly Dawn

Okay, so one day I was on YouTube and watching a Julia Nunes video and she had some music playing in the background. The artist was a duo called Poomplamoose. So I decided to check them out right after and I liked them. But today I decided to check out their other stuff and each of the two members solo stuff and it is great.

Beat The Horse by Pomplamoose is one of their many great songs. But this one is catchy beyond belief.

Flavors by Jack Conte is a good song by one half of Pomplamoose. He is ridiculously talented as plays a lot of different instruments. He even uses things that are not even instruments.

Waking Up by Nataly Dawn is a great song by the other half of Pomplamoose. She is also very talented.

For not being huge into indie music, I will say Pomplamoose, Jack Conte, and Nataly Dawn are indie music acts that I do like. So check out these three videos and all there other videos for very good music.