Friday, October 02, 2009

Pomplamoose, Jack Conte, And Nataly Dawn

Okay, so one day I was on YouTube and watching a Julia Nunes video and she had some music playing in the background. The artist was a duo called Poomplamoose. So I decided to check them out right after and I liked them. But today I decided to check out their other stuff and each of the two members solo stuff and it is great.

Beat The Horse by Pomplamoose is one of their many great songs. But this one is catchy beyond belief.

Flavors by Jack Conte is a good song by one half of Pomplamoose. He is ridiculously talented as plays a lot of different instruments. He even uses things that are not even instruments.

Waking Up by Nataly Dawn is a great song by the other half of Pomplamoose. She is also very talented.

For not being huge into indie music, I will say Pomplamoose, Jack Conte, and Nataly Dawn are indie music acts that I do like. So check out these three videos and all there other videos for very good music.

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