Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wedding and Marriage

My good friend Rob is getting married.  The more it draws near, the more excited I get.  I've never been excited for a wedding per se.  But I am for this one.  I don't know why.

Getting married is something you don't enter into lightly and I know Rob and Courtney are doing anything but taking this lightly.  Some people get married out of convenience and think they will just coast through it no problem.  Marriage is never easy and you can't take the attitude that it is.  People need to be serious about it.  If I ever get married, I know I will do with the utmost seriousness and commitment that goes with it.  Marriage isn't something that I will take lightly.  Marriage is traditionally a union between a man and a woman and should not be entered into lightly.  I know that sounds cliche, but it's the truth.

Marriage is a sacred bond between two people and I'm honoured that I get share in this big moment in the life of my good friend Rob and Courtney.  Cheers to my good friend Rob and Courtney.  I know they will have a long and wonderfully blessed life together.  I can't wait.  The ceremony is at 2:00 pm on May 14.  Congratulations to the both of them.

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