Friday, April 17, 2009

WWE Draft - Supplemental Portion

Here are the results of the supplemental portion of the 2009 WWE draft.

Mr. Kennedy from SmackDown!
WWE Unified Tag Team Champion Primo from SmackDown!
Nikki Bella from SmackDown!
Chavo Guerrero from SmackDown!
Hornswoggle from ECW
Festus from SmackDown!
The Brian Kendrick from SmackDown!
Brie Bella from SmackDown!

Shad from Raw
Alicia Fox from ECW
Mike Knox from Raw
Candice Michelle from Raw
Ricky Ortiz from ECW
Layla from Raw
John Morrison from ECW
JTG from Raw
Dolph Ziggler from Raw
Charlie Haas from Raw

Ezekiel Jackson from SmackDown!
Zack Ryder from SmackDown!
DH Smith from SmackDown! not Raw like it says on
Natalya from SmackDown!
Hurricane Helms from SmackDown!

The Brian Kendrick being drafted to Raw is a bad move. He will get buried and he will get ring time on house shows and possibly WWE Superstars on WGN. If Kendrick wants some face time on TV than being on Raw is the best spot for him. SmackDown! and ECW would be more suitable.

Hurricane Helms going to ECW is not a good thing. Helms is a talented wrestler, but was pretty much buried when he returned to SmackDown! after his neck injury. After he confroted Matt Hardy on SmackDown! he was pretty much taken off TV. Lets hope he gets some face time on ECW. He deserves a chance to wrestle on TV and hasn't really gotten the chance since his return. Afterall they jobbed him Vladamir Kozlov

Hopefully things will turn around for Charlie Haas now that he is back on SmackDown!. I hope they have stopped having Haas imitate past and present WWE superstars. When given the chance Haas can wrestle with the best of them. Maybe they could reform The Worlds Greatest Tag Team. The tag team division could use a boost and what better way to do it than reform The Worlds Greatest Tag Team? Or is Shelton Benjamin a full-time singles competitor now? Either way Haas needs to get a push to the Intercontinental Championship if nothing else. A good move putting Haas on SmackDown! as he was being wasted on Raw.

Putting Festus on Raw is a bit of an odd choice if they don't have Jessie going to Raw as well. If Jessie isn't going to Raw than they need to change Festus's demeanor if a singles push for Festus is going to work. If the WWE is putting Festus on Raw without Jessie than they just broke up another tag team. I guess we will see how this will work in due time.

John Morrison can hopefully get a good singles push. I mean even though I am not a big fan of Morrison, he should have been the one to have been drafted to Raw. Afterall, he will not buried like The Miz will be. Either way, it is time for Morrison to go back to the singles division where he can get a push towards the Intercontinental Championship. Maybe he could have a good match with Rey Mysterio or whoever. Good choice putting Morrison on SmackDown!.

What are the Tag Team Champions going to accomplish by going to Raw? They already fought Simply Priceless on SmackDown!. They could have kept Cryme Tyme on Raw and bolstered the tag team division, but used Raw to do it. Or maybe they might be roving champions by going to all three brands and just have Raw as their home show when they are not the champions. Will the WWE having Primo and Carlito as roving champions? We will find out soon enough.

Natalya should have stayed on SmackDown! or went to Raw where there is a womens division and compete for one of the titles. She could still be on ECW as a manager, but wrestle on SmackDown! or Raw.

DH Smith going to ECW can be seen as good as now he can team up with Tyson Kidd aka T.J. Wilson. Afterall, DH Smith and Tyson Kidd teamed up in the indies. Lets see if they push them towards the Tag Team Championship. That would be sweet if they did.

Lets hope Mr. Kennedy will get a good push now that he is back on Raw. Did he even have a match when he returned to SmackDown!? I don't think he did. If he gets some face time on TV, they better him and push him good. He still deserves a title shot after those doctors misdiagnosed how long he would be out with an injury. Mr. Kennedy is ready, but keeps getting screwed for various reasons.

The supplemental draft is a way to move superstars nobody really cares to brands while being under the radar. As history shows us, some of the superstars drafted in the supplemental draft have been released. With this be the case with any of these draftees? Chuck Palumbo was drafted to Raw in the supplemental draft last year. But now where is he? He is on the unemployment line. We will find out soon enough who gets released who were in the supplemental draft.

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