Monday, April 20, 2009

Corner Gas Has Closed Down

Corner Gas, the now iconic sitcom is done forever. I have been stewing over the final episode since watching it Saturday on the Comedy Network. I didn't envision it ending the way it did. I envisioned it ending the way Hank's day dream went a season or two ago. Basically Hank's day dream ended with Lacey leaving Dog River and going back to Toronto. I thought it might have ended that way, but with Brent telling Lacey that he was in love with her. That was not the case with the ending. Watching it, I thought it would have ended with Brent going on a national comedy tour (Brent was doing stand up comedy every Wednesday as the story went), Wanda taking over Corner Gas, and the other characters doing their usual stuff. Instead Brent doing stand up comedy was something on a list of things he wanted to do. The next thing on his list to wrestle a bear, but ending doing the thing after that and went fly fishing in the Yukon. Lacey opened a Ruby in Wollerton, but was shut down by local health inspectors. Wanda finished her degree in theoretical physics and went on to make more than minimum wage at Corner Gas. Hank remains unemployed. Emma and Oscar are still married even though Emma ignored doctors advice to divorce Oscar. Karen and Davis fell in love and get married, but to other people.

Overall, the show was awesome. You didn't have to be from Saskatchewan to appreciate the humor of it. I thought that the show could have lasted a few more seasons as could Seinfeld. At least they gave it a good send off with show interviewing the cast and some of the production crew than airing the final episode. They didn't just end it without any warning like some shows do. In some cases it is good to end a show before it comes overkill. I know for a fact that Corner Gas wouldn't have become overkill. Like Seinfeld, Corner Gas is one of those shows that I can watch without getting sick of it.

In the history of pop culture in Canada, Corner Gas has found a place quite nicely. Whether you are from Burnaby, British Columbia or Moncton, New Brunswick or anywhere in between, Corner Gas has undoubtedly become a part of our Canadian indentity and culture. When talking about Corner Gas with another person, you automatically know what episode they are talking about. Or you should for the most part. Corner Gas will live on for years even though it is no longer on the air with new episodes.

Now that Corner Gas is no longer on the air, what is CTV going to do to replace it? Corner Gas is irreplaceble, but something has to be done. After all, Corner Gas did bring in no less than a million viewers every Monday. It will be a hit in the ratings for CTV and the Comedy Network to an exstent. I just can't fathom Corner Gas not have anymore episodes. Corner Gas has become one of my new favorite shows of all-time alongside The Simpsons, Seinfeld, Melrose Place (yes I like Melrose Place, so what?), among others.

Than you Corner Gas, you had an incredible run. You will surely be missed. Corner Gas is one of a kind and as I said has etched out a place in the history of Canadian pop culture. Corner Gas maybe gone, but will not be forgotten. Thanks again!

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