Thursday, September 09, 2010


I have that I've been trying to see she has been doing lately, but she has been ignoring me. She tried to say my sister and I have been rude to her lately. But I told her that I have not been rude to her lately. I told her that ignoring me when I want to see how she is doing is rude. Then she said she didn't want to talk which is the reason why she hasn't been talking to me. I told her that she can at least say hi and tell me how she is doing. I've accepted the fact that talking is reduced because she is in school, but all out not talking to her best friend is just stupid. She can talk to other friends about me, but can't talk to me about me if there is an issue.

She has said said stuff to me, but now the shoe is on other foot and I know she probably won't like it. Well, a part of me says that is just too bad and another part me says now you know how I feel.

I know in she will come around. She always does. So I have to just be patient.

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