Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter Weather

In various parts of the world, weather can change in an instant.  This is especially true in Saskatchewan.  This past Sunday, Saskatchewan woke up to a blanket of snow.  This is the most snow we've had all winter (if you would even call it that.).

The seasonal norms for this time of year is not always what we get.  Some people think it's odd to get these cold -40 C with the windchill temperatures multiple days in a row.  We are Saskatchewan after all, so temperatures like this for a few days shouldn't surprise you.  Unfortunately with some people it does.

I guess living in Saskatchewan hasn't taught some of the population anything.  But at least this cold snap we are in isn't effecting just Saskatchewan.  On the Weather Network, they showed the parts of Canada where it is extremely cold.  From part of Eastern British Columbia to parts of Northwestern Ontario are experiencing a major deep freeze.  Some parts of Canada are less accustomed to this sort of weather than other places.

When I hear about other places in Canada complaining about a foot of snow and have to get the army to get the army in to help them dig out, I think "get over it."  Some people are pansies when it comes to winter.  You live in Canada, so you know what to expect out of winter.  Yet people want to live in oblivion thinking that the next winter won't be bad.  We will never know until we are faced with winter.  You can try and predict the winter, but it won't always be what is predicted.  That's the unpredictability of winter and weather in general.

I bet people want what is forecast for weather.  Unfortunately, that's not always possible.  You can use all these methods, tools, and technology to try and accurately forecast what the weather for winter is going to be like, but even that is not always foolproof.  I guess you can think of forecasts as a possibility of what the weather might be like.  As I said, living in Saskatchewan, the weather can change in an instant and if you've spent any time here, you'd know that.

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