Friday, March 05, 2010

Change The Anthem?

Doesn't the Stephen Harper government have anything better to do then to dick around wasting taxpayers money in wanting to look at possibly changing the national anthem. The part Stephen Harper wants to change is " all our sons command." Is there a point to doing it? I say NO!

Let's look at why there is no point in doing this. Firstly, like I said, it is going to waste taxpayers money when it can be spent on something more useful and needed. Secondly, the national anthem is fine just way it is. Thirdly, are you going to go back to its original lyrics "in all thou dost stand?" It might take some getting used to on the third thing.

I was listening to a replaying of John Gormley Live last night and they were talking about this issue. John Gormley took a quick 60 second phone poll and wanted to see how many said yes or no to changing the national anthem. The end result was 100 percent of the people said no to changing the anthem. So 13 people said no. When they talked and debated the issue, some said that if you change one little thing in favor of political correctness, then you have to change everything in favor of political correctness. I do agree, that some minuscule doesn't need to be changed because of some feminist groups. If you change that, then you have to change everything in the anthem to appease all groups. Then you will have an anthem so diluted and a shell of its former self, that it will not be uniquely Canadian. Or they talked about the national anthem being tradition which it is. Nobody has complained before about this tradition. So why now?

Do you think that the Canadian national anthem should be changed? I definitely do not. Stephen Harper usually never listens to these groups, so why now? This is why Stephen Harper is not the best choice for prime minister. First he prorogues parliament, then next he wants to change to the national anthem. What next, he wants to do a study on how water quenches your thirst? With Harper possibly doing a study on changing the national anthem... I wouldn't doubt he would do such a thing.

You American's think Brack Obama is wasting money? Take a look at Stephen Harper then say that.


  1. I skimmed your blog and came to the conclusion that, whatever relevant points you made in the body,
    I fully agree with you.
    I live in the Southwest USA and too much of it is being changed by the influx of Mexicans.
    Also we've had to deal with too much revisionist crap over the years, the latest is a a cartoon fantasy about The Frog Prince. Last I knew the Princess was white not "Africn-American"

    Tell your countrymen to stand behind you and stop the change.
    The only change I'd make is the melody and make it easier to sing

  2. Not everything can be solved by being politically correct. The anthem doesn't need to be changed at all. If you change one thing, then everything about it will be changed and it will become so unrecognizable and un-Canadian.

  3. I may be in the minority on this issue, but I would have no problem with changing that line. I have three daughters who are as Canadian as my son, and it seems to me that a simple change from "true patriot love in all thy sons command" to "true patriot love in all of us command" wouldn't be un-Canadian.


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