Thursday, October 18, 2007

Why Me?

I was at work yesterday and I got a message to call my landlord. Than I got another message to call my sister. I was told it was an emergency. So, I phoned and my sister said that my basement suite was broken into. I then got this bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. I was hoping that they didn't take anything. So I finished my shift and on my way home, I phoned my sister and they took my laptop and my Xbox. My eyes started welling up with tears. They didn't take anything else. They managed to bust into my landlords part upstairs and five finger discount a watch and his iPod. Luckily there are fingerprints. My landlord is really sorry for this. He feels real bad about all of it. All they did was slide my kitchen window open, but from there they made a mess of stuff that wasn't messed before.

Now I have to make a list of what was taken along with the serial codes. I don't know if I can provide any serial codes.

I hope they find this jackass and hopefully can get my stuff back. What would motivate someone to break into someone's place? I would like to know what that person was thinking. I bet they are real proud of themselves for making a couple of people's life hell. If I was there at the time it was taking place, I don't if I would have done something to stop it. Would you?

Please pray for me during this time. I do hope they find this person and can recover my property.

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