Sunday, February 15, 2009


Sorry for the cursing will happen in the following, but I am so frustrated and pissed off at KFC. I know its been a while, I had some topics I wanted to blog about, but I didn't get to it. So here is my rant...

I ordered a large popcorn chicken, jumbo fries, medium gravy, and a 2L pop between 4:30 - 4:45 PM on February 14th, 2009. The order wasn't to my place within the 45 minutes like they said. I phoned back the first time and asked what is happening with it. This woman said to wait ten more minutes. I waited almost an hour. I called back a second time. I tried to get my order free, but they said to wait as they would "be there soon."
They also gave me a 20 per cent discount on a future purchase. The delivery driver still didn't show up.

I phoned a third time and he gave me the run around. I told him that I wanted my food free, so here is the run around. He told me that they don't have any control over what their drivers do since they have a company deliver for them.
What bullshit eh? He said to pay what I owed for the meal and I would get the amount I ordered in free food next time when it got there. I told the guy I told to that I would take the food and not pay for it. He than replied that he would not deliver to my place again. I stated that I don't want to pay for cold food. I told him I wanted my original order free as well as the 20 per cent discount and the amount of product that equaled this order free. But he would do that. I took down the name of who I talked to, his managers name, the date, and time of the third call.

I am going to call and talk to the manager about this. I am also going to find that courier services number and call them. I may even have to filed a complaint with the company that does their delivery service. It is terrible, yet I live within WALKING DISTANCE of this KFC. I already filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau about the Taylor Street KFC. Hopefully I can get this solved. I waited over FOUR FUCKING HOURS and I still didn't get my food.

Don't let businesses get away with this shit. Stand up for yourself and fight for your rights as a consumer. Don't let the run around do you in. Don't let their "I'm sorry, here is a discount or free meal for next time" bullshit sucker you in. If they are in the wrong, they shouldn't be getting off Scott free like they didn't do anything wrong.

I JUST WANTED SOME FUCKING FOOD. IS THAT SO FUCKING HARD TO ASK FOR? A simple delivery to a place within walking distance and they couldn't even get that right. How FUCKING sad!

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