Friday, August 14, 2009

Family Reunions

I was meaning to post this a week or so ago, but I didn't. So yeah, deal with it.

On the August long weekend my dad held the 2009 Burton Family Reunion for the second time in 17 years. I didn't get to spend the entire time at the reunion as I had to work on the Sunday even though I didn't want to. Nevertheless, it was a great a time when I was there.

As I look back and reflected on the reunion, I thought to myself that family reunions are a good way to meet people within your family that you have never met before. They are good to get reacquainted with family you haven't seen in years. Really, who knows how long you have left to met and reacquaint yourself with family?

People have changed over the 17 years since I have last seen some of them. For instance they have aged, gotten married, had kids, etc.. Reunions bring together family from all over Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, and British Columbia. Or at least this one did.

I will give props to my dad and his three sisters (my aunts) for getting this together. When my family puts on an event or family gathering, you won't leave feeling hungry at all. We had food all weekend. I must say that supper on Saturday was especially interesting in terms of the way they cooked it. They put food in cream cans and cooked it over an open fire. Sunday breakfast was great too. Pancakes, hash browns, and sausages was AWESOME! My family can put out a spread that is second to none.

The events that took place was a silent auction which ended at 1:30PM Sunday. I didn't win what I bid on. There was another item I was bidding on, but my cousin kept bidding just to bid me up. Sunday evening there was a live auction and my dad's auctioneer friend did the auctioning. There was bingo and I got a bingo on the one of the games. When I called out bingo, I scared the shit out of my sister. There was a planned kaiser tournament, but it ended up being four teams. Kaiser is a great card game. There was a planned horseshoe tournament, but I don't know if it happened.

Overall, it was fun. The 2011 Burton Reunion will be in Bethany, Manitoba. Next year another reunion for another side of my family...

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