Sunday, October 02, 2011

One Of The Sweetest Dreams EVER!

Yesterday (October 1), I had one of the sweetest dreams ever.  Basically it starts out with the Covenant Bible College (CBC, the college I went too) Choir performing this show.  The choir and band is going with an upbeat song.  I walk out near the end of the song, grabbed a microphone, and started wailing.  It was so awesome.  We transitioned into the song  "My Body" by Young the Giant.

YouTube link

The band is doing the intro and it comes time to go into the verse and I was like I don't know the words.  The band vamps on the verse.  Than someone gets me the words and I hold it in my right hand so nobody sees it.  Than I go into verse and start singing, than I woke up.  I wish I could have finished the dream because it was so bad ass.  Oh well.  Still one of the sweetest dreams EVER!


Mark said...

I think this did happen... on the CBC choir tour!!!!

JK, but its still a cool dream.

Mr. C.C. said...

I wish it happened! That would have been bad ass!