Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our Lady Peace Concert Review

On Thursday, I went to another concert at the Saskatoon EX.  This time it was the Canadian alternative rock band, Our Lady Peace.  A lot of non-Our Lady Peace fans or non-Canadians don't know who they are for the most part.  But they did a theme song for the late professional wrestler Chris Benoit and their 1997 album "Clumsy" is the one of the quintessential alternative rock albums of the 90s and of all-time.

I already knew beforehand that the crowd for this concert would be vastly different than Foreigner.  A lot more younger people in the crowd.  I felt old...  But nevertheless it was an awesome concert!

They played their classic songs like "Naveed," "4am," Superman's Dead," "One Man Army" (my all-tine favourite song by them), "Is Anybody Home," "Somewhere Out There," "Innocent, and many others.  I was wanting them to play "One Man Army" and of course they did.  It's such an awesome song.  Steve Mazur broke a string when they played "Clumsy."  He kept going till the end of the song which is the professional thing to do.

Rain Maida, the leader singer, has such a unique presence on stage.  He is like an enigma.  He has this presence on stage which makes him hard to figure out.  He isn't like a lot of other rock singers that run around the stage expending a lot of energy.  It's just incredible to watch him on stage.

They had images on this panels.  Which was pretty cool.  Some of images went along with the songs they played.  The sunset during "Paper Moon" was pretty cool.

We chanted drum solo and we got one.  I expected more from this drum solo.  It was decent at best.  I've seen better drum solos live and on DVD and whatnot.  Brian Tichy of Foreigner, his drum solo was made Jeremy Taggart's drum solo look like he just started playing drums.  Don't get me wrong, Taggart is a good drummer, but he needs to do better drum solos.

There was a lot of crowd surfing going on.  I don't crowd surf because on major rule of rock concerts is that fat bastards should not crowd surf.  But some did anyways.  A few of the crowd surfers almost made a splat on the ground.  The bassist, Duncan Coutts pointed in my direction.  I didn't know why he was.  Than a bunch of us got plowed into by a crowd surfer.  There was also mosh pits.  The first mosh pit was behind, but to the side of where I was.  Than later another mosh pit formed behind me.  Some chick got mad at me because I bumped into her.  But, she obviously didn't get that there was a mosh pit behind us.  I pushed a couple of people into the pit.  There was a mom at the barricade with her kid.  She got mad because she got bumped into.  So she threatens to punch people.  But she was at an Our Lady Peace concert at the very front.  What did she expect?  Dumbass...

I told my aunt at the wedding about the concert and she said she hoped there is no bad stories,. So I said no, there isn't.  But if you've heard my stories, you know this isn't true.

Overall, the show was awesome.  The only thing that wasn't good was the drum solo.  But I can overlook that because of how good the rest of the show was.

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