Monday, September 10, 2012

Concert Bucket List

I have a bucket list for concerts.  Some have a general bucket list for everything.  Not me.  I have one for concerts.  I will not be able to cross all of them off.  But, earlier this month, I was able to cross one off of it.  No, I haven't been to the concert yet.  I was able to cross it off because I bought the ticket to the concert on September 28.  I have been waiting to see this band for such a long time.  It is the one and only RUSH!

This concert is going to be so bad ass.   I got a floor seat. It is in the 11th row.  Rush has been a favourite band of mine for years.  I'd never think in my lifetime would I ever seen them.  But thankfully that is no longer the case.  This something I'll never forget.

How often do you get the chance to remove a band of this caliber off your bucket list or in my case, my concert bucket list?  For myself, I don't get the chance that often. So when I do, I take the opportunity too.  This will be a once in a lifetime event for me.  It will be awesome.

I don't know what to expect considering they are touring in support of their current album.  But I hope they also play their classics and one of my all-time favourites by them which is "One Little Victory."  It will be so awesome if they did.

This concert can't come soon enough!  I'm so pumped!

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