Sunday, November 09, 2014

Album Update #1: Deep in the Process

So, I'm deep in the process of recording my album.  I didn't think I'd ever record an album.  But I've taken the plunge and I'm doing it.  I have three songs officially done and one done from my end.  "Missed My Bus," "Fifty Fans," and "Absence" are the ones that require only guitar and voice.  "On My Way to Manitoba" requires some extra elements like a harmonica, banjo, and an extra guitar part.  Otherwise it is close to being finished and ready for production and engineering.

"Absence" was the song giving me most trouble.  I know it, but I find that recording guitar and vocal separate is something I'm not used to.  I'm used to playing and singing at the same time.  Sure some songs are easier to record separate tracks like "Missed My Bus."  But I've got to master recording separate tracks.  In total, I have 13 songs to record.  This is a process and it will be rewarding to see the end product.

When the album is out, you will be able to get a physical copy, purchase it on iTunes, and purchase on  Well, those are the places that I will be putting it on at this point.  But keep checking back to see if there will be any other online outlets that will be selling the album.  For now those are the three ways to get it.  Other things relating to the album will be coming in due time.

There you have it.  The first album update.  Many more will be coming.

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