Sunday, August 07, 2005

HBK053 Is Going To Kill RSM Forums

I have been a member of RSM Forums since April 10/05. Then I became a mod soon after by applying to call for mods. Everything was going great until the week of August 1st to August 7th of 2005. Here is what happened:

HBK053 joined RSM Forums 2 days before I did and become mod which was fine. But then he became smod a little to soon. I was against him become a smod right from the start. Then things went on as normal. Months later an efed was created as something for the RSM Forums.

So I joined because I have be doing efeds for 5 years. Then all things was going good. I was contracted to one of the shows called Explosion. So fine, I went along and started roleplaying on Explosion. Then weeks later HBK053 joined as Nova. I was PMed by the first Explosion GM saying that I was getting a push. Then the GM of Explosion couldn't do the shows anymore. So the need for a GM was needed. So then Nova (HBK053) took up the job of GM of Explosion.

Then my internet was out and I wasn't able to roleplay. So then I got my internet back up. But I didn't know I had a match for the first RSC Explosion pay-per-view, so I couldn't roleplay. I knew I wouldn't win the RSC TV title. Then a few days later this rule all of a sudden comes up. HBK053 made this that if you jumped from Explosion to Atomic then you would be banned. This rule came right after RSC Hardcore Champion Trick (-Sharpshooter- on RSC Forums) jumped from Atomic to Explosion. Then this caused some mass chaos. I started questioning and saying things through PM to HBK053 (Nova). He started saying stuff make it sound like the rule was a good idea. He said that the rule was to prevent chaos and champions switching. But all the rule did was create chaos. But when people said something about, he said to get over it because it was an official rule.

If he doesn't get rid of this rule then the fed will go to hell. I will laugh in his face if it does and he is the cause of it all.

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