Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Things To Accomplish

Well, here is something you can do. If you read this then I just tagged you. Write down ten to twenty things you want to accomplish in your life. Mine are in no particular order.

1. See Joe Satriani in concert.
2. Attend Covenant Bible College- I have been accepted for the fall.
3. Go to an indy pro wrestling show.
4. Have a successful career.
5. Get into shape.
6. Be a singer/lyrics writer in a band.
7. Meet Joe Satriani.
8. Make good money at my career.
9. Have a career that I enjoy.
10. Host a radio show.
11. Own my own website.
12. Start a record label called Progressive Sounds.
13. Own a house.
14. Own a better vehicle.
15. Create a paintball course.
16. Start a radio station based around music such as progressive rock, metal, hard rock, alternative, and other various forms of rock.
17. Meet a pro wrestler.
18. Start a band.
19. Attend Wrestlemania at least once.
20. Attend the summer and winter Olympics once.

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