Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Covenant Bible College

Well, some of you have heard I have been accepted. It will be awesome to get away from Prince Albert. I mean, there is nothing for me here in Prince Albert. I am basically stuck in a rut. I need to think about a career of some sort instead drifting through life the way I am. It will not get me anywhere.

I believe that Covenant Bible College (CBC) will be a good change for me. My dad, two sisters, my two grandmas and my grandpa support me. My grandma on my dad's side of the family has been telling everybody that I got accepted. She is so happy for me. It makes me want to do this even more. But there is one dark cloud trying to stop me from going. My mother doesn't want me to go. She thinks I am only going there for the social aspect of it. But that is so not true.

Okay I know that meeting new people will be apart of the experience. But going to CBC will be a growth experience for me. I hope that I will get to know God in away I never have before. I will prove to my mother that I am not going just for the fun stuff. I will prove that CBC is a growth experience in away that I have never known. I have been wanting to go to CBC for many years and I am finally doing it.

At least I am not going to be totally by myself. My friend Mark Jensen is going. He is the third Jensen that is going. At least in that respect I will have someone to study with and whatnot. It's probably most likely that I will not end up with him as a roommate. If nothing else, I hope that we are on the same side of the dorm.

Before I go for this blog post think about this:

If people tell you to be positive then are negative against something you want to do then that will undo all the preaching of being they have done.

Just a reminder that the Gateway Covenant Youth Group's Rock 'N Drop In is on today at the church. So be there and bring your instruments because we are going to rock out.

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