Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Well today I finally took my tax stuff in to get done. I got my T4 when I got paid at the begining of the month. I shoved in it in my glove box and forgot about it till this week when someone said something about taxes. Its a good they said stuff about taxes or I would have totally forgotten about it.

I took my tax stuff to my aunt to get done. She knows how to do all of that. I am pretty sure I will get a refund. I haven't worked enough or made enough money to warrant paying. I am sure hoping that I don't have to pay anyways.

Next year I will definently be less on my taxes due to the fact that I will in school. So I am will only have May, June, July, and possibly August to account for on my taxes.

But this year taxes are due on May 1st at midnight due to April 30th falling on a Sunday. So don't be like me and wait till the middle of the last week to get them done. Get them done sooner so you don't have to worry about it.

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