Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Way People Pray

I have harbored these feelings for some weeks now and a few people like my friend Mark knows how I feel. To be safe I will not be using any names.

Now at the beginning of the year it was fine that people were saying in their prayers: "Thanks for bringing this person here," "thanks for this day," "thanks for this amazing group of people," "just continue to work in their life," yada, yada, yada.

Now it's becoming overkill. We have been here just over two months and I feel like it's getting to be a bit redundant. Sure at the beginning of the school year it was great to pray like that, but now it's like I want to tell them to shut their cakeholes. That might be a bad way of saying it. I am not against prayer and don't think I am by this blog post. It's just that they are so repetitive about the prayers they do pray. Can't they pray anything original. I just don't feel it's worth praying if they keep regurgitating the same freaking prayers all the freaking time.

Why don't they pray something that has more meaning? Sure these overkilled prayers had meaning at the beginning of the school year. But as you get to know people, I am sure there will things you can find that they need prayer for. Sure, you might not know all people well enough to do that which is fine. But when you do pray for something that is more person then just general.

Praying is what you should do if you are a Christian. But don't be redundant in your prayers. That is what I am finding here a CBC right now. Over the last few years I started taking the intiative to pray and that intiative has only increased here at CBC. But when I hear someone start the praying and pray the usual things then I feel like actually saying something. I will just listen what other people say in their prayers.

I like I said earlier in this post, I feel like telling people to shut their cakeholes because of the prayers they say that have been prayed before. Hopefully by the middle of this year they are not praying these same prayers because it will be serious and I mean SERIOUS overkill.

If you know what this is like then feel free to leave some comments.

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